Friday, January 28, 2011

I Recommend These Pans

Hi!  I've been unintentionally absent from here lately.  I've been really busy with the kids (home for the 7th day straight today because of snow and it's still snowing!).  I've also been really busy with the clay.  I've been baking a lot too.  This morning I made some banana nut bread.  Yum.
It reminded me that I wanted to tell you about these pans that I bought specifically for making bread.  They come highly recommended by Farmgirl Fare and I must agree with her.  They work really really well for bread.  I have been wanting to make her sandwich bread - I plan to do that over the weekend.  Her bread looks so yummy.  Every one of her recipes that I have tried have been just as good as she says it will be.  Love her blog.  Anyway, it's still snowing.  It's pretty, but I'm getting a little sick of it.  Even the kids are sick of being home.
I have another migraine.  It started this morning and has been getting progressively worse.  My teeth hurt and my eyes are clicking - I think it's time to hit the sofa.  The plan for my weekend is to glaze a bunch of stuff during the day and at night while Mark and I watch movies I plan to make a bunch of fabric beads - I have an idea that I want to try out.  Hopefully this headache will not be another 3 day event and I'll be able to do all the things on my list.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I'm still quilting this...
I've been trying to work on it every night but it's slow going.  I can finish about 4 or 5 blocks in an hour - that's not too bad.  I like that the pattern is mindless - just straight lines so I don't have to keep turning and rearranging it to quilt.  I really wish I had made this quilt larger - it's a twin so I can't use it on my bed.  I think I might quilt my giant 85 x 105 inch Y2K quilt this way. (yeah, it's 11 years old and still not quilted)
 I dread quilting that giant thing because I'll have to use my giant quilt frame (big circle hoop on a stand) to do it.  There is no way I can lap quilt this thing.  I HATE quilting in a hoop or frame.  Hate it.  I'm sure Mark loves to hear me say that after I had begged for the giant quilt frame.  I've had it for about 14 years and only used it for one quilt in all of that time.  But my sister...she told me last week that hers is still in the box!!! lol.  We bought them at the same time.  I can at least say that mine is assembled and has been used...once.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


We are finally getting some snow (more than 1 inch that is).  I love snow.  We are getting just enough 4 to 5 inches to be pretty but not a problem.  I've been quilting.  I'm using size 10 DMC and I'm really liking it.

It's going very quickly and that's a good thing since I have a very short attention span.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Rocking My Mom Jeans! lol

Well, with the migraine keeping me from doing anything fun (it's finally gone) I have nothing to show you, but I do have a funny tale to tell. I bought some new jeans. Well, let me back up - I am short - 5 feet 2 inches short. I am extremely short waisted - I have no waist. My ribs damn near meet my hips - maybe one fingers width between them. It's really hard to find jeans that fit. So, I finally find some jeans that feel really good on, they stay where they should, no constant adjustments needed, they aren't baggy anywhere, but...they fit at the waist. For people with a long torso this is probably a great thing - for me it's not so great. My example of this came this morning...

Me with my new jeans on, shirt tucked, belt buckled...

Kellie - why are your jeans up to your arm pits? lol

Because I am hot! Who doesn't like this look?

And yesterday I had planned to be crafty all day. Instead, when I did the sync for my Ipad and Iphone I somehow had the settings wrong and deleted all of my contacts and calendar from both! Spent the entire day re entering all of my information on both - and in a paper calendar because I don't want that to happen again. I was calling all the doctors, orthodontists, etc to get the dates and times for our appointments because they were all gone...GONE! Hoping today is much more productive! Happy Tuesday!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

I'm a little late with that message. I had a migraine for 3 days straight and basically did nothing NOTHING but lay around in misery. I couldn't read, couldn't sew, nothing. Today it's just a hint but is basically gone. The kids are back in school today after the holiday break so my house is quiet - a good day to get things checked off my list.

I got a surprise this year. Mark bought me an iPad. I have to tell you, I have always been saying that I didn't see the point of the iPad. I have a laptop and I have an iPhone so what's the big deal. But I can honestly say that I love this thing! I am an app junkie and this thing is perfect for apps!There are a tun of free apps available so I went crazy for FREE! So I've completely changed my mind about these things and am now very much in love with the iPad. So in love in fact, that this week I'm going to make a cover for it. I'm going to use those pillow things that I like to stitch but I'm going to line it with a soft fabric. And guess that the holidays are over I can get my sewing machine back out! hoooraaaah! I like to sew in the dining room and it drives Mark insane so I had promised him that it wouldn't see the light of day until after Christmas...and it is now after Christmas! I have so much on my list! I want to make some journals and some bags. I have to put away all of the Holiday decorations first, but I just might have to start sewing around them. I can hardly wait to hear that vroom of the machine.

I also started a new blog called White Clover Kiln for the ceramic stuff. That way you won't have to hear about it unless you want to. I'll keep this blog stitchy related. There is a link on the side bar if you are interested.

Have a great Monday friends - and thank you for coming here - I cherish the friends I have made through this blog and look forward to a fabulous new year with you!