Friday, February 25, 2011


Because I'm still on my overindulgence of bread love - I made some homemade pizza.  I used two different recipes (very close - but slightly different) because I had never made pizza before and wanted to see what we would like better.  I used  Farmgirl Fare Easy Pizza Dough Recipe and the one from this YouTube - Pizza Dough video.  They were both excellent!  All 4 kids and Mark loved them both.  I was a little worried because you have to do a little kneading and with my arms/wrist problem I didn't think I would be able to do it without some tears but it was easy peasy!  No problem at all and really quick (but it has to rise so you need about 3 hours if you plan to make the dough and use it the same day).  I think I have overcome my fear of kneading bread!  I wish I had some photos to show you - they gobbled up this pizza so there was no time for photo taking.  They were very pretty and very yummy - Ryan and Kellie both said they were as good as the pizza from our favorite pizza shop and that's saying a lot!  So, if you haven't made your own pizza before I highly recommend them both - they are crazy easy to make!
We have rain and mud today - Hope you have a great Friday with blue sky!


Deborah said...

Good for you! It can be fun to try making different kinds. My husband has a pizza book he's been working through.

dulcy said...

That sounds like a great idea for me to try. I'm very dough challenged, although did do one a couple of weeks ago for a dessert, but no kneading or rising. Thanks for checking in with me Mary, and have a great weekend!

Lori ann said...

hi mary! your pizza sounds so delicious! i hope spring comes soon for you, it looks like the snow is melting quickly?

Jackie said...

Oh the trouble with homemade bread and pizza is ..its just too good. The bread goes soooo well with butter and jam while its still warm and now you've made me want to make pizzas again. I used to do 3lbs of doughs- worth of pizza at a time , rolled out and topped, and freeze them ready to cook. Much too tempting but much nicer than bought ones.


I taught my children to make pizza dough by having them do the stirring. There are bowls, you might have to look at Lehman Brother's or Cumberland General Store, that have a dough hook that you can turn by hand (if you don't have an electric heavy duty mixer, which I tend to shy away from when I can).

I don't know what the recipes that you used were but here is mine...for every cup of warm water add a T of yeast...and you will have a good crunchy pizza...a t of salt and a little bit of sugar (you don't want it to brown too soon.) then when I spread out the dough I pop it in the over without any topping on it for about 5-10 minutes before it browns but gets a head start in cooking the that it has a nice crusty bottom.
If you are in love with Chicago style pizza forget the above.
Just wanted to stop by and thank you for becoming a follower of my blog!!!

After writing the above I noticed that the verification word for my post is "eating". lol


Hello Mary, I just signed on as a follower. Nice to meet you on Willowing too.

I shall have to try the recipe.

It's cold and rainy in SE Ohio. Here's hoping the weatherman is right tomorrow when it's suppose to be sunny. Hope it's the same for you!