Friday, January 28, 2011

I Recommend These Pans

Hi!  I've been unintentionally absent from here lately.  I've been really busy with the kids (home for the 7th day straight today because of snow and it's still snowing!).  I've also been really busy with the clay.  I've been baking a lot too.  This morning I made some banana nut bread.  Yum.
It reminded me that I wanted to tell you about these pans that I bought specifically for making bread.  They come highly recommended by Farmgirl Fare and I must agree with her.  They work really really well for bread.  I have been wanting to make her sandwich bread - I plan to do that over the weekend.  Her bread looks so yummy.  Every one of her recipes that I have tried have been just as good as she says it will be.  Love her blog.  Anyway, it's still snowing.  It's pretty, but I'm getting a little sick of it.  Even the kids are sick of being home.
I have another migraine.  It started this morning and has been getting progressively worse.  My teeth hurt and my eyes are clicking - I think it's time to hit the sofa.  The plan for my weekend is to glaze a bunch of stuff during the day and at night while Mark and I watch movies I plan to make a bunch of fabric beads - I have an idea that I want to try out.  Hopefully this headache will not be another 3 day event and I'll be able to do all the things on my list.


Deborah said...

Hope you feel better soon! I'm looking forward to seeing the fabric beads.

Levin said...

it feels so strange to see your pictures of snow when we are gearing up for 42C......
hope you feel better soon -
take care

Jackie said...

Get well soon. Migraine is awful. Take it easy.

Dag said...

i hope your migraine is done by now! enjoy the weekend!

dulcy said...

Migraines, you poor thing, hope it didn't last long! This post makes me really want to bake some bread. I could practically smell it from your photo..... looks like you found some great pans! A big storm is headed our way, and homemade bread sounds like a warm and tasty treat.

Jill Dian said...

oh dear migraine...I have been a sufferer for so many years...but on my good days I create stuff!

I do hope your migraine episodes are few and far between!