Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

I'm a little late with that message. I had a migraine for 3 days straight and basically did nothing NOTHING but lay around in misery. I couldn't read, couldn't sew, nothing. Today it's just a hint but is basically gone. The kids are back in school today after the holiday break so my house is quiet - a good day to get things checked off my list.

I got a surprise this year. Mark bought me an iPad. I have to tell you, I have always been saying that I didn't see the point of the iPad. I have a laptop and I have an iPhone so what's the big deal. But I can honestly say that I love this thing! I am an app junkie and this thing is perfect for apps!There are a tun of free apps available so I went crazy for FREE! So I've completely changed my mind about these things and am now very much in love with the iPad. So in love in fact, that this week I'm going to make a cover for it. I'm going to use those pillow things that I like to stitch but I'm going to line it with a soft fabric. And guess that the holidays are over I can get my sewing machine back out! hoooraaaah! I like to sew in the dining room and it drives Mark insane so I had promised him that it wouldn't see the light of day until after Christmas...and it is now after Christmas! I have so much on my list! I want to make some journals and some bags. I have to put away all of the Holiday decorations first, but I just might have to start sewing around them. I can hardly wait to hear that vroom of the machine.

I also started a new blog called White Clover Kiln for the ceramic stuff. That way you won't have to hear about it unless you want to. I'll keep this blog stitchy related. There is a link on the side bar if you are interested.

Have a great Monday friends - and thank you for coming here - I cherish the friends I have made through this blog and look forward to a fabulous new year with you!


Dag said...

dear mary, happy new year to you as well - sounds like you are having an awesome start!! glad you feel better, my dear! i just sewed on some gorgeous buttons... pure delight!! pics to come! - same goes for the ipad cover that i made for my'll like it! i use his ipad to play angry birds, dang, that's a great game!! i got him the holiday version (recommended by our pediatric dentist!) and right now we are working on completing all levels with 3 stars :-)some time sucking fun.....! okay, have fun with your sewing machine!!!

Deborah said...

Glad you're feeling better! I can just imagine how great that cover is going to look!

Levin said...

i think i want an ipad now. but unfortunately, we have just bought a new washing machine instead. i pretty sure you can't get apps for the washing machine :(
such an unfun purchases - but the good news is that we bought a wizz bang automatic one to replace our old broken twin tub - so now i don't have to dedicate a morning to washing three times a week!
so pleased to hear your migraine has moved on!!

Follow Me Home said...

I can't wait to get an iPad! I take a lot of online art classes and I have been organizing the pdf's that come with them so I can just keep them on my iPad. It will be my own little art school!