Monday, December 13, 2010

This Is Keeping Me Up At Night

I have been busy busy busy with the clay. I purchased two new clay colors last week. A medium brown stoneware and a chocolate brown stoneware. This is the medium brown stonewareIt's a funny salmon-y color now (at bisque). I've made ornaments, gift tags, buttons, pendants, and earrings with it.

This is the chocolate brown stoneware. I hope I like this after it's glazed because it's a real pain to work with. Everything and I mean everything gets red on it when you work with this clay! My hands, my clothes, my desk, my tools - not my favorite thing. But it's kind of a pretty nutty brown color now that it's been bisque fired. Anxious to see how this clay and the medium brown look after I glaze them.These are the porcelain ornaments I've made along with some pendants and earrings, etc.
And a bunch of beads in buff stoneware, porcelain, and a few in the chocolate brown.
Oh, and I shouldn't forget all of these porcelain buttons still waiting to be glazed.
Everything in this post is being glazed this week. It's going to be a bit like a sweatshop around here, but there are a lot of gifts in these batches. And this doesn't include all of the things I made over the weekend that are drying and waiting to be bisque fired. It's craziness. And in my typical fashion, I want to make a journal as a gift with some of those squishy pillow things from last week. I think I should just go ahead and schedule my nervous break down for next week if I keep that idea on the list.
I did finish my Christmas shopping over the weekend (thank God for the Internet) and bought most of the ingredients for the baked gifts. Next week is baking and wrapping week. I may be having my family here again for Christmas so I'm a little worried about the state of chaos my house will be in by next Friday with all of the glazing and baking and wrapping going on and nothing in the cleaning department. I'm hoping to be very productive and have everything finished by next Wednesday so that Thursday and Friday can be cleaning days. Although, like I mentioned earlier, I may have to schedule my nervous breakdown in there too. It's fun crazy though - I like this kind of crazy.
Are you ready for Christmas?


Levin said...

NOOOOO - I am not ready for Christmas :(
this week I have to work lots - but next week I don't have to work at all so I hope I will be getting ready then. And I have to make a start on wrapping the presents.
I can't wait to see your clay work all finished :)

Dag said...

dang - it just deleted the book i wrote, sigh.
your clay work looks truly awesome, i can so imagine that you want it glazed and done!and you are even making a journal - i love those!! ...and guests?!
okay, you are a saint/miracle worker and your day must have more hours than mine - sure!!

i am working on sox for the kids, one pair done, and - ambitious me - wanna make mug sleeves to go with the starbucks cards for the teachers... we'll see.

Diane McNeil said...

Just found your blog and can't wait to check out your pottery on Etsy. I like your designs. Pottery problems keep me up at night, too. Not much we can do about that, I guess.

Heather said...

I am not ready for Christmas!!! Oh no I am not. I am in denial I think! Is it really coming.
I love seeing your finished clay work. Very coool!

Deborah said...

I love your clay work! No, I'm not ready for Christmas, but I'm working on it!