Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Just A Few More

I really love this red! (it's not this orange)That reindeer is my favorite out of these three.ugh, those two glazes from yesterday. Definitely not my favorites. I like these little pieces. I'm going to attach a ribbon to the mittens to hang together over a branch. And I like the little believe tag. These two are a little dark but I think they would look great in a necklace. These are all from the same pink on 4 different clays. And you know how I'm completely obsessive about making samples of every glaze and every glaze combination on every clay that I have, well... I always write what the glaze is on the back of the sample with black pencil glaze. I've never thought anything about that, but on this chocolate clay you can't see it at all! lolSo all of my chocolate samples will be very helpful won't they? lol. I'll have to try to match them up to the brown stoneware to make a guess at what color they are. Still making cookies cookies cookies. I'm right on schedule and that's a bit of a miracle!


Deborah said...

Great pieces! I have visions of them on necklaces, attached to little quilts or gloves or mittens or journals.

Levin said...

we have yet to start our cookies!!! and now it's getting hot so it will be very unpleasant baking in my kitchen :(
oh well, serves me right for leaving it to the last minute.

Heather said...

I love all these pieces! Happy Holiday! See you in the New Year!