Monday, December 20, 2010


As much as I love these ornaments that came out of the kiln this morningis how much I hate this one! I'm not sure what went wrong with this glaze - maybe it didn't like the clay - who knows, but it's ugly! At first I didn't like this pendant, but I'm starting to like it now.and this is going to get some glass, but I like the color. This button isn't too bad But these items....ugh. ugly ugly ugly!and this is so boring I can't even tell youand I didn't think I bought any metallic glazes, but this looks really awful even uglier in person trust me!
and these two are so dark you can't even tell what the texture is in person. Somehow the camera was able to pick it up.
So let me explain the giant holes in the buttons. I'm thinking on a journal cover it would be kind of cool to have a thin strap of fabric that goes through the holes to keep the journal cover closed. Anyway, I like the patterns on these and that blue I'm really liking.
The kiln is running again and I'm hoping for better results tomorrow. As for today, cookies, cookies, cookies! Happy Monday!

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Deborah said...

I don't think any of them are ugly.