Monday, December 20, 2010

Candy Making Adventures...

On Sunday I was making candy (until 12:30AM but lets try to forget that). Anyway, I will admit that I love me some Oreo cookies and milk so when I saw these candy molds I had to have them (I bought them for Halloween too, but I didn't use them this year).Crazy easy, you fill them about 3/4 of the way full with melted chocolate and then press the Oreo into it and let it set. Aren't they cute?! Just try not to think about the lack of any possible nutritional value in these, but lets face it, if you are grabbing an Oreo you aren't too terribly concerned about nutrition at the moment right?So cute I made them in dark chocolate too. Yum right?I'm not sure if they will be yummy actually, might be too much going on, but I wasn't really concerend about that - I was all about the cute factor with these.

I made my usual pecan turtles too. I love these things!And then the catastrophe...I purchased this magazine (that I love). Just one more gorgeous magazine from Stampington.When I saw this I thought - mmm they could be good and I have twelve pounds of milk and 12 pounds of dark chocolate to use and I have that pan. I think I'll make them!
Big mistake! Not saying that there is a problem with the recipe, just that I had a problem. You see, even though the directions say that they will pop right out...weeeeellllll, mine didn't.After digging around them with a sharp knife and having Jason take a turn - he even pulled out a crab mallet and started hammering on the knife!
We were only able to save three and they were such a mess that I wouldn't be able to give them as gifts anyway. So, they look good and hers came out beautifully, but mine are now permanently one with the pan. I'm going to soak the pan in boiling water later and see if I can melt the chocolate and caramel enough to get them out. Sad about this one. They sure would be pretty to give wouldn't they? Great magazine though.

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Levin said...

oh boy....i want oreo molds!!!! we love them here and we also are firm believers that everything is made a little bit better with the addition of chocolate.
or is that .... everything is made better when encased in pastry..... anyway - either's good for me.
have a merry christmas and enjoy your goodies - we are about to start the baking fest today (right after the cleaning fest).