Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Christmas 1966
My sister, Me, my Dad, and my 3 brothers
I hope you have a very happy holiday with family and friends!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Just A Few More

I really love this red! (it's not this orange)That reindeer is my favorite out of these three.ugh, those two glazes from yesterday. Definitely not my favorites. I like these little pieces. I'm going to attach a ribbon to the mittens to hang together over a branch. And I like the little believe tag. These two are a little dark but I think they would look great in a necklace. These are all from the same pink on 4 different clays. And you know how I'm completely obsessive about making samples of every glaze and every glaze combination on every clay that I have, well... I always write what the glaze is on the back of the sample with black pencil glaze. I've never thought anything about that, but on this chocolate clay you can't see it at all! lolSo all of my chocolate samples will be very helpful won't they? lol. I'll have to try to match them up to the brown stoneware to make a guess at what color they are. Still making cookies cookies cookies. I'm right on schedule and that's a bit of a miracle!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Candy Making Adventures...

On Sunday I was making candy (until 12:30AM but lets try to forget that). Anyway, I will admit that I love me some Oreo cookies and milk so when I saw these candy molds I had to have them (I bought them for Halloween too, but I didn't use them this year).Crazy easy, you fill them about 3/4 of the way full with melted chocolate and then press the Oreo into it and let it set. Aren't they cute?! Just try not to think about the lack of any possible nutritional value in these, but lets face it, if you are grabbing an Oreo you aren't too terribly concerned about nutrition at the moment right?So cute I made them in dark chocolate too. Yum right?I'm not sure if they will be yummy actually, might be too much going on, but I wasn't really concerend about that - I was all about the cute factor with these.

I made my usual pecan turtles too. I love these things!And then the catastrophe...I purchased this magazine (that I love). Just one more gorgeous magazine from Stampington.When I saw this I thought - mmm they could be good and I have twelve pounds of milk and 12 pounds of dark chocolate to use and I have that pan. I think I'll make them!
Big mistake! Not saying that there is a problem with the recipe, just that I had a problem. You see, even though the directions say that they will pop right out...weeeeellllll, mine didn't.After digging around them with a sharp knife and having Jason take a turn - he even pulled out a crab mallet and started hammering on the knife!
We were only able to save three and they were such a mess that I wouldn't be able to give them as gifts anyway. So, they look good and hers came out beautifully, but mine are now permanently one with the pan. I'm going to soak the pan in boiling water later and see if I can melt the chocolate and caramel enough to get them out. Sad about this one. They sure would be pretty to give wouldn't they? Great magazine though.


As much as I love these ornaments that came out of the kiln this morningis how much I hate this one! I'm not sure what went wrong with this glaze - maybe it didn't like the clay - who knows, but it's ugly! At first I didn't like this pendant, but I'm starting to like it now.and this is going to get some glass, but I like the color. This button isn't too bad But these items....ugh. ugly ugly ugly!and this is so boring I can't even tell youand I didn't think I bought any metallic glazes, but this looks really awful even uglier in person trust me!
and these two are so dark you can't even tell what the texture is in person. Somehow the camera was able to pick it up.
So let me explain the giant holes in the buttons. I'm thinking on a journal cover it would be kind of cool to have a thin strap of fabric that goes through the holes to keep the journal cover closed. Anyway, I like the patterns on these and that blue I'm really liking.
The kiln is running again and I'm hoping for better results tomorrow. As for today, cookies, cookies, cookies! Happy Monday!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Out Of The Kiln

I unloaded the first batch from the kiln this morning
This is definitely my favorite piece from this batch. It's the brown stoneware.

I like the way the chocolate stoneware came out too. I like these little pieces.
This red is awesome.
And I really like this one.
These two are a little dark, but I still like them.
This is the brown stoneware.
This is going to be a ring.
And these are from the porcelain. I wish the pattern was cleaner on this one, because I really like the way the glaze came out on it.
These are going to be earrings.
There are a few buttons in this batch too.
I'm firing some big ornaments today. Have a great Saturday!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Because They Want To Kill Me

Jason turned 19 on Wednesday the 15th. Happy Birthday Jason. He wanted a new car for his birthday. I told him, yeah, I wanted a new house complete with staff for my birthday - I didn't get that either. :O)

Back when Jason was 4 years old I thought this was really cute. (Molly is 3)But you see, Jason has joined the volunteer fire department. I thought that was a great thing, him wanting to help people. But then he was on the sofa practicing with his face mask attaching and removing the air hose. Scared the bajeezus out of me! I was, buddy, you won't be needing that skill because you are only going to work the food truck handing out sandwiches and coffee to the firefighters who will actually be putting out the fire. He wasn't amused. Then Mark brings home a scanner - A SCANNER!!! so that we can listen to the calls going out. I was like OH ABSOLUTELY NOT! I want to pretend he is at the firehouse playing basketball, learning to cook, washing engines, that kind of thing. I don't want to hear all the details of every call he goes on! I'm the mom people!!! give me a break! And honestly, do you trust this guy to come save you? LOL
Still glazing glazing glazing. I hope you are having a good week!

Monday, December 13, 2010

This Is Keeping Me Up At Night

I have been busy busy busy with the clay. I purchased two new clay colors last week. A medium brown stoneware and a chocolate brown stoneware. This is the medium brown stonewareIt's a funny salmon-y color now (at bisque). I've made ornaments, gift tags, buttons, pendants, and earrings with it.

This is the chocolate brown stoneware. I hope I like this after it's glazed because it's a real pain to work with. Everything and I mean everything gets red on it when you work with this clay! My hands, my clothes, my desk, my tools - not my favorite thing. But it's kind of a pretty nutty brown color now that it's been bisque fired. Anxious to see how this clay and the medium brown look after I glaze them.These are the porcelain ornaments I've made along with some pendants and earrings, etc.
And a bunch of beads in buff stoneware, porcelain, and a few in the chocolate brown.
Oh, and I shouldn't forget all of these porcelain buttons still waiting to be glazed.
Everything in this post is being glazed this week. It's going to be a bit like a sweatshop around here, but there are a lot of gifts in these batches. And this doesn't include all of the things I made over the weekend that are drying and waiting to be bisque fired. It's craziness. And in my typical fashion, I want to make a journal as a gift with some of those squishy pillow things from last week. I think I should just go ahead and schedule my nervous break down for next week if I keep that idea on the list.
I did finish my Christmas shopping over the weekend (thank God for the Internet) and bought most of the ingredients for the baked gifts. Next week is baking and wrapping week. I may be having my family here again for Christmas so I'm a little worried about the state of chaos my house will be in by next Friday with all of the glazing and baking and wrapping going on and nothing in the cleaning department. I'm hoping to be very productive and have everything finished by next Wednesday so that Thursday and Friday can be cleaning days. Although, like I mentioned earlier, I may have to schedule my nervous breakdown in there too. It's fun crazy though - I like this kind of crazy.
Are you ready for Christmas?