Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Kid Crafts

Molly has started glazing a new mug. It still needs the clear glaze applied over this and it needs to be fired, but I though I would show you a before shot...I really like this one. She has added a quote around the bottom - I thought that was such a great idea. And I like the crazy inside too.I have put in a request for a mug like this for myself.

We put up our Christmas tree over the weekend. I love all the soft light in the house from the twinkle lights in every room. Our tree is getting really full with ornaments. Every year we buy 5 new ornament. One for us and one for each of the kids. Plus, we make ornaments every year - so it is getting a little packed but I like it that way.This is one of my favorite ornaments. Kellie made this when she was 3 - I think it's perfect. and as soon as the tree was up Kellie and Ryan were playing around it.
It's laundry day here so I better get busy. Have a great day.


Deborah said...

Great mug!

Dag said...

gorgeous tree and beautiful mug!!! it always takes me a while longer (after thanksgiving) to get ready for the next holiday...
however i have started to pull out the christmas boxes, put up the kids advent calendar..!

Heather said...

The mug is adorable and I love your Christmas tree. It look so pretty and glowing!

Levin said...

we put up our christmas tree yesterday and it looks just as pretty as yours! and yes, we have a collection of hand made ornaments too :)
i love that mug - it makes me wish i had one of those kilns :)

randi said...

what a pretty mug! i would be asking for one too!