Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving and The Glass Results

First things first it's raining and dark and gloomy so I apologise in advance for the pain these shots will cause your eyes this early in the morning. :O) and I also wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to my US friends and Happy Thursday to everyone else! I'm checking in really quick to show you the results of the ceramic glass experiment. This was yesterday morning...The before shot:And this this this! is this morning! Look all the glass stayed where I put it - no overflow glass mess to clean up!I'm so glad this worked. Now I need to add glaze to them and refire them.
The blue worked the best
The center of the one on the bottom left (below) was big transparent blue beads and they turned clear. :o(
And this was dark pink beads - clear again :O(
These two are glass I have for fused glass so they worked well, but I had put some dichroic glass on the top and you can't even see it so that was a complete waste of expensive dichroic glass!
And the red worked really well.
These three were all green beads and look : yuck. That big one is pond scum greenish brown! I'm going to add more glass and see if I can fix them.
So, I'm pretty happy with this. I'll have to get the rest of them into the kiln over the weekend. Have a great day friends and thanks for stopping by!


Dag said...

oooh, i can see how you are disappointed about the clear ones, but a lot of these are gorgeous!! tht little red heart is so sweet!!

Deborah said...

These are gorgeous! They remind me a bit of cookies.