Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Kid Crafts

Molly has started glazing a new mug. It still needs the clear glaze applied over this and it needs to be fired, but I though I would show you a before shot...I really like this one. She has added a quote around the bottom - I thought that was such a great idea. And I like the crazy inside too.I have put in a request for a mug like this for myself.

We put up our Christmas tree over the weekend. I love all the soft light in the house from the twinkle lights in every room. Our tree is getting really full with ornaments. Every year we buy 5 new ornament. One for us and one for each of the kids. Plus, we make ornaments every year - so it is getting a little packed but I like it that way.This is one of my favorite ornaments. Kellie made this when she was 3 - I think it's perfect. and as soon as the tree was up Kellie and Ryan were playing around it.
It's laundry day here so I better get busy. Have a great day.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving and The Glass Results

First things first it's raining and dark and gloomy so I apologise in advance for the pain these shots will cause your eyes this early in the morning. :O) and I also wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to my US friends and Happy Thursday to everyone else! I'm checking in really quick to show you the results of the ceramic glass experiment. This was yesterday morning...The before shot:And this this this! is this morning! Look all the glass stayed where I put it - no overflow glass mess to clean up!I'm so glad this worked. Now I need to add glaze to them and refire them.
The blue worked the best
The center of the one on the bottom left (below) was big transparent blue beads and they turned clear. :o(
And this was dark pink beads - clear again :O(
These two are glass I have for fused glass so they worked well, but I had put some dichroic glass on the top and you can't even see it so that was a complete waste of expensive dichroic glass!
And the red worked really well.
These three were all green beads and look : yuck. That big one is pond scum greenish brown! I'm going to add more glass and see if I can fix them.
So, I'm pretty happy with this. I'll have to get the rest of them into the kiln over the weekend. Have a great day friends and thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It Was Almost A Catastrophe!

I am really happy to have these few pieces from the kiln firing yesterday.Because when I opened up the kiln it was a big mess! All of the wires that my things were hanging from bent and everything was stuck together! I even had a few things stuck to the kiln posts so now I have glaze on them that will have to be sanded off! I was so upset - I thought I had lost everything. I did lose these three. They all have chips and rough spots from were other things were stuck to them.It's so sad - I really liked this button - I'll have to remake it.I like this heart, too - It's a prettier red in person.and I like these earrings. They aren't as dark in person. I'm going to put wires on them so I can wear them tomorrow.These are the glaze samples I was firing with them. The big blobs of white on some of them are where they were stuck to something! rrrr Frustrating, but at least I can still use them since they are just the samples.The sample on the left is buff stoneware and the sample on the right is porcelain. The colors really aren't that different on the two clays. When I purchased that buff color I thought it would be a huge difference so I'm a little disappointed in it. These three are the only ones that show a real difference. The buff stoneware makes the glaze in these colors a little darker.And I have most of these pieces ready to go into the kiln today with the glass, but after yesterday's disaster I'm even more nervous about this!I won't be able to fit many in because they have to be flat (and I don't want to ruin everything) so these are all going to have to wait.and that diamond shaped one above doesn't have a hole!!! I don't know what I'm going to use it for now!some of these are really big too - Molly asked if I was trying to be like Flavor Flav! LOLI was thinking of them more as an ornament for the tree than for me!LOL And I finished the bracelet for my mom. I must have remade this 10 times! I finally decided that the whole point was to give her a bracelet made with my beads so I just added a little bit of silver in the spacers. I'm happy with it now - I think she will like it and that toggle will make it easier for her to get it on and off by herself.That's it for me - wish me luck on the glass firing today. I just finished making some cookies for the kids who don't like pumpkin pie and now I need to get the rest of my cleaning finished. Happy Thanksgiving friends! See you on Friday (maybe tomorrow if I have time before my company comes) with the photos of the glass results. Have a great day.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Because Truffles Is Such A Sweet Bunny...

Truffles would like to wish you a happy Sunday!Today was grooming day for our bunny, Truffles. When I was all finished he fell asleep.He's such a sweet bunny.Could he be more relaxed?My legs started to hurt so I had to pick him up off my lap. He only woke up for a minute and when he realized he was in my arms he went right back to sleep.I'm working with clay today and running my kiln so that I can glaze some new things this week. I would like to have everything finished before Thanksgiving but I have my entire family here on Thursday for the holiday so I'm not sure I'll have time. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I'm pretty excited about some of the new things because I'm going to add glass to some of them for the first time. A little nervous about that, but excited too. Hopefully I'll have some cool things to show you. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

But I Didn't Order Any Shoes...

So when Jason told me my new shoes came I was a little confused. Did I order shoes? I don't think so but my mind isn't what it use to be so maybe...And then I realized that it is the yarn samples from my dear friend Dag so that I can make some buttons for her. hmmm, they must be some big samples...wait a second - what did she do?! lol
I guess since she had to mail the package to me anyway with these...a....giant...samples lol!she might as well put in a few things to fill the box right?
Dag, you are awesome! Thank you for all of these wonderful things. Jason was pretty excited to see that there was food in the box! He immediately said Oh! I'll be partaking in that Prickly Pear Cactus Jelly as soon as I get back from class! I'll have to find a good hiding place while he's gone. Thanks for the happy day Dag!

Monday, November 15, 2010

I'm Making Progress

I was able to work on the little houses over the weekend and have the applique part finished on six of them. There are some wonky parts, but I like them.I really like the door on this one...I'm really looking forward to the embroidery and embellishment part on these.

And I got the deal of a lifetime! I bought two boxes like this...they were mismarked as 40% off when they weren't on sale. I had a coupon for and extra 20% off my total purchase so I got these boxes for 60% off! The manager was not happy - I wouldn't want to be the employee who forgot to remove the sale sign, but it sure made my day!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

I Love Applique...

I really really do. It's my favorite thing and I have been doing a lot of it this week. I started my week working on a little vase of flowers - I finished the applique part, but I need to sew on the big flower beads and do all of the embroidery and other beading on it. On Tuesday I drafted the patterns for a bunch of little four inch houses to make into ornaments although I'm thinking of remaking them into a quilt because I love them so much. Yesterday I cut out all the pieces...And today I have started the applique. I really like these little houses. I want them to be like those tiny cardboard glitter houses from vintage train gardens so when all of the applique is finished I'm going to add a lot of sparkle to them.
It is a really pretty day today and Mark has off from work for Veterans Day so we went for a ride on the Harley. So so pretty. I love that we are surrounded by beautiful farmland. I should have taken my camera - I always think of it after we leave the house! I hope you are enjoying your day, too.