Friday, October 29, 2010

Hooray For Friday!

Molly had the powder puff football game this week. The seniors won - hooray! That's Molly on the far right.She's been limping since the game - greaaaaaat.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

And Just Like That...

I have a new cowlAnd, my niece Kate came over recently and painted a ceramic mug. I just took it out of the kiln this morning. Doesn't it look great?!I seriously considered telling her that it blew up in the kiln so that I could keep it, but my fear of burning in Hell for all eternity got in the way. :O)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What's On My Needles...

I bought this yarn last winter to make myself a cowl and never did get around to it. Today is dark, rainy, and gloomy so I decided to get to it.after about 20 minutes of knitting I'm already in love with this!and all I keep thinking is that I am going to make socks in this pattern as soon as this cowl is finished.I don't remember what this yarn is, I lost the label after I wound the ball. dolt! But it's really soft.

I am also working with red earthenware clay this week. I'm making the swatches of all of the glaze and glaze combinations that I have on this clay.It's tedious and time consuming, but completely worth it in the end because you can see what your beads, buttons, etc will look like before you even begin. These are the samples with the white clay that I made back when I was glazing all of those Ice cream bowls for the girls.They show how every color underglaze with every color glaze will look on the white clay.
So I still have a lot more to make with this red clay, but these three are definitely my favorites so far.I hope you are having a great day too!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Stitching With Thread and Beads

Good morning! I thought I would show you what I've been working on this week. I have been stitching a little wall hanging.I'm using a lot of vintage buttons on this instead of my usual sequins. I love the look of old white buttons on fabric.I've also been working on some little beaded dolls. The one on the right still needs her collar and sleeves finished - and a skirt.I thought I was going to draw their faces,something like this one that I made for Kellie,but now I'm thinking I'm going to bead their faces instead. This was the very first doll I ever made.I'm not happy with her face. The beading didn't turn out the way I had wanted on her. I definitely learned a lot while making her - like how to stitch it so that the beads don't bunch up - but I still like her. She will always be my favorite one. I also need to add the hair to the two I'm working on.Lots and lots of hair. It takes about 10 hours of beading just to do the hair - I like to add tiny bells in it. A few of the tiny bells mixed in with the beads make a really nice sound.These dolls are one of my favorite things to make. They are small so they fit in the palm of my hand and they have a really nice weight to them. They are very therapeutic to make - not sure why, but they really are. I never have a plan when I start - well, other than the colors I want to use - I just start beading and the ideas come to me as I go.

I've been trying to get a little of my Christmas shopping/crafting finished. I'm glazing beads today for a bracelet for my mother and I still need to buy the wool to make her a felted bag. That's on my list for next week. I love handmade Christmas gifts, don't you?

It's going to be a really pretty weekend and I'm looking forward to some fun. Nothing special, just hanging out with Mark and the kids, but fun. I hope you have a great weekend too!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Little Update With Some Crazy...

I haven't had anything to say. I know! me - chatty cathy - nothing to say. But it's been slow in the exciting department around here.

But there have been some crazy things going on around me...

Molly was scheduled to play a powder puff (all girl) football game yesterday. They have been practicing every day like it's the Superbowl. But, they couldn't get a ref so it is postponed for two weeks. It's flag football - junior girls against senior girls with boys for cheerleaders. Very funny. Any girl who signs up can play (no talent required - go Molly! LOL) It's so funny listening to Molly talk about it - she knows football like I know brain surgery!

At Molly's school there are a group of kids from Denmark visiting as a student exchange thing. Molly said that they were talking yesterday morning and that they were a little disappointed because they have been watching the show Jersey Shore and thought that all of America was like the show. LOL.

And then...the trauma of it all - I am forever scarred! Mark, Jason and I went out for breakfast. I made the unfortunate decision to sit facing a table where two women were having breakfast. The woman with her back to me was rather large. She was wearing low rise jeans. And yes, dear friends, her entire rear end was hanging out for all to see. Not only hanging out, but pressed tightly against the fancy ironwork back of the chair. It was the most disturbing thing to see over my breakfast and coffee. And, where the heck was her underwear???!!! LOL Please tell me she was not going commando! And, it was kind of chilly in the restaurant. That iron had to be cold. How could she not feel that against her toosh? And there were at least 3 men at other tables with the same disturbing view. The only positive - her butt must have been sporting a fancy design the rest of the day.

And more trauma in the aquarium...

Do you remember Sheldon the Pin Cushion Urchin? Sweet, cute, cuddly Sheldon?

Sheldon who could wear his suction cup hat tilted just so, looking so dapper?

Well, sadly, Sheldon has died and become a shelf decoration.

And Mark bought this to replace him...this demon from hell...

what's cute about him?! I have dreams of him coming out of the aquarium in the night and killing us all! And then this morning...this...

Now, who do you think is responsible for that? Sheldon never hurt anyone! Sheldon was all about fashion! Actually, we have no idea what is going on with this fish, but it's pretty damn disgusting. I love fish when everything is pretty and healthy - but sick fish - ghaaaa.

More rain, more meds for my joints, and the orthodontist today for Kellie to hear how much money they want from me to fix her crazy teeth. Fun. I hope you are having a great day with sunshine and fun artsy activities.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

This Is Taking Forever!

I have been glazing the ice cream bowls from the party. I was hoping to fit two in the kiln at a time, but no luck there.I have to glaze them one at a time. So I have been running my kiln every single day trying to get these finished. I like how they are coming out. Most of the girls were very creative and used a lot of color.Because I have to run the kiln every day I have been glazing a lot of things to stick in the kiln to fill it. It's like a sweat shop around here! :O) But if I'm going to use that electricity I want to make darn sure I don't waste any space in that kiln! So I thought I would show you some of the newest stuff coming out of the kiln this week...

I've been making little sets of pendants and earrings. (Can you tell what the Christmas gifts around my family are going to be this year? LOL)
and these are some odd ball pieces...
But these buttons...oh these buttons...
they are big - 1.5 inches. I really like them. I'm going to knit and felt two bags - one for me and one for my mom for Christmas - and use these for the closures. I want to use a really big chunky wool for this and I don't have any so I'll have to suffer through some shopping for wool. :O) Poor me. But that's going to have to wait because, alas, I haven't any money to spend right now...darn kids. :O)

It's a rainy gloomy day here (as you can see from my dark photos) and I'm just glazing like a crazy person because I have 5 more days of bowl firings before this job is finished. That's about as exciting as it gets around here this week - I hope you have a happy day.