Saturday, September 11, 2010

It's A Beautiful Day - Just Like That Day.

Molly mentioned that today is her friends little sisters birthday. I felt sorry for her. What an awful day for a birthday. Like everyone else, I remember every detail from 2001. Jason and Molly were in elementary school and I had just come in from talking to my neighbors and Mark called. It was 9:05 AM and we really didn't realize just how bad it was going to get. I was meeting my mother at the mall to buy shoes for Kellie and Ryan. She had already left so I didn't have a choice - I had to meet her. I didn't want to go, as I drove down 95 I was listening to the news and the Pentagon was hit and then the tower came down and I just kept thinking - all of these terrible things are happening all around me - what am I doing heading South on 95! What am I doing heading to a Mall! When I got to the mall I told my mother I thought we should go home. They were talking about shutting down 95 and closing schools. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to get back to the house in time for Jason and Molly.

I remember how scared everyone was. We are only 3 hours from New York, an hour and a half from Philadelphia, 30 minutes from Baltimore City, and an hour and a half from Washington DC. We are 20 minutes from a large military base and 20 minutes from the hydroelectric power plant. We are surrounded by all kinds of perfect targets. I knew I wouldn't be seeing Mark any time soon. His job requires him to be at work when there is any kind of disaster. They were talking about an early dismissal in the schools so I went over and picked Jason and Molly up. I just kept thinking, if this is going to get worse I want to at least have my children with me. And I just sat in front of the television the entire day and night. I just sat there.

Later I learned that my friend/neighbor had worked on something like the 98 Th floor of one of the towers before she moved to our neighborhood and she knew many of her old coworkers had died. I had worked with a young woman who was on the plane that went down in Pennsylvania. I kept thinking about the last time I had had lunch with her - how young she was - how awful it must have been for her. Many of our friends who are firefighters were heading to New York to help. Ryan who was only 3 at the time kept playing with his toy airplanes smashing them into blocks not understanding what all this was about. A friends husband had been on his way to New York that morning for a meeting at one of the towers but it was changed to another date at the last minute. It seemed like everyone knew someone. I didn't even know how to keep it from my kids at the time - it was so all consuming. Molly and Jason remember it all, but Ryan does not - he only knows what he has seen and read since.

And now we have that nut job in Florida - it scares me.


Jackie said...

Its such an incomprehensible event. I can remember where I was and the horrible fascination with which I viewed the footage over and over again. The horror is too difficult to contemplate.
Its so sad that a few extremists give their whole religion a bad name.

Karen said...

Even though we live in Australia we all remember that horrible day. Our hearts went out to everyone and we were all in a kind of stunned silence, Couldnt get our eyes off the Tv either thinking how could anyone want to cause a disaster of this magnitude and want to hurt so many people ???? Its still beyond me !!!!
Thinking of you

Levin said...

i gave birth to julian that day. i remember sitting in hospital and wondering what sort of world i had brought him into, scared for the future, wondering if this was the beginning of the next world war.