Thursday, September 16, 2010

I Was Distracted...

So instead of glazing I was more in the mood for working with needle and thread. Mark and I have been married for 20 years so I decided to make this little compact kind of thing.
I did all of the hand stitching and beading before I assembled it and that caused me some issues when I was doing the zigzag around the edge.
This is a very old photo of us from about 11 years ago!
the beads kept getting in the way of the presser foot and it was difficult to get a smooth stitch. I made each piece like a little quilt with batting between two pieces of fabric. So trying to sew through 6 layers of fabric and those beads getting in the way make it a bit tricky but I like how it turned out.

The cake on the front has some Swarovski crystals. Those 3 dark purple flower crystals are my favorite - they are really expensive so I don't have many but I thought this little keepsake was the perfect place to use them.
I also used one of my buttons for the closure. It was a fun project to do yesterday. I'm thinking about making them to order on etsy. Maybe with a place for a photo on each side instead of the mirror? Or it might be cute in a baby theme with a photo of baby on one side and the birth information on the other? What do you think? Honestly, do you think that's a good idea? I'd appreciate your feedback on it. I don't want to make a bunch of these if I'm the only one who likes it! LOL

Rainy day here today - good day for cleaning and glazing I'm thinkin'.


Kris said...

I like it! (Although it could just be you and me lol!) I just love your work!

Jackie said...

What a lovely memento for your 20 th anniversary.

clare's craftroom said...

That is gorgeous , great job !