Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I Am In Love With This Yarn!!!

It's that new yarn I bought that is hand dyed with cashmere and angora in it. Such nice yarn. I've been knitting the gloves and working with clay this week. That's it. Not much to show for it yet, but I have been busy.

And I thought I would show you the photo from Jason's trip to Maine. This would be the white water rafting. Notice Rambo the rafting guide? LOL hhhmm, I think he knew his picture was being taken. And, notice how there are only two intelligent men on the trip wearing helmets and that my son and Molly's boyfriend Dave are not the two? Jason said that only two people fell out and that they were able to get them back in the raft right away. That's nice. LOL

We have some crazy storm coming up the east coast today and the rain will be here soon, so I think I will sit outside while I still can and get more of these gloves finished. I hope you are having a nice week.


Deborah said...

Lovely glove! It must be so soft! The kids look like they're having a great time.

dulcy said...

The gloves are fabulous! Almost done with my sock, so looking forward to starting a new knit. Thanks for checking in with me Mary! Also, your helmet comment made me laugh!

Levin said...

i'm having a lovely week - thank you.
we are coming in to some fine spring weather - perfect for lazing around, reading and knitting. i think the storms are a thing of the past now - pity because i love a good storm.
i love the look of the yarn - is it nice and soft too?