Monday, September 20, 2010

10 Years Ago Today...

Kellie arrived on the scene!
I made a cake today to celebrate and in my regular fashion the inside of this cake is a yellow cake but it has been dyed as blue as that icing! :O) yum right? LOL
but that brings me to what I wanted to tell you. DON'T buy this icing for decorating your cake!
ugh! I didn't feel like making my own icing and getting the decorator bags out and the tips and all that so when I saw this new product in the store I thought oh absolutely! Well, it's hard to work with, the green came out kind of oily at first. I will never buy this stuff again! EVER! This is really surprising to me because I love love love Betty Crocker! but, this is not a good thing!


dulcy said...

Well.... happy birthday to your Kelly, and LOVE the stitched album in your previous post! Haven't gotten to knitting gloves or mittens yet, as trying to finish some wool socks. Mittens will definitely be my next knitting challenge!

Kris said...

What a doll Kellie was as a baby! She seriously looks like a doll in that photo. She was cute as (proof, cause they always make those dolls exceedingly cute!!!)

Oh! I hereby promise not to buy any icing in a can. We don't actually have much food in a can here. It is kind of an American iconic trademark, food in a can. (See, the fact that it was in a can should have been an indication of it's yuckyness!) The cake does look good though! (Even with blue insides!)

Happy birthday Kellie!!! My Ash has his 10th birthday in a month. Hard to believe he is so grown up. Double figures!