Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hooray! The Wool For The Gloves Came!

The wool I was waiting for to make gloves came today! This first one is my favorite...You can't really tell from this photo, but this one is more of a very light yellow
I immediately wound them into balls...
Don't they look yummy?
So as soon as I finish the gloves that are currently on my needles I am going to get to work on that blue. So so soft. I can't wait to see what the gloves look like with this!

I have another Ryan story to tell you...

About a week ago Ryan came in and asked if he could take our old keyboard to his friends house for the band they are starting.
Me: yes, but who will be playing it?
Ryan: I will.
Me: but you don't know how to play the keyboard.
R: I know.
Me: who else is in this band? what instruments are they playing?
R: DJ is playing the drums and Will is playing the guitar.
Me: do they know how to play their instruments?
R: no. We're just doing whatever we want.
Me: mmm.

On Saturday Ryan was talking about his "band"...
R: ...we're getting really good too. Today a bunch of people were standing outside the garage watching us.
Me: wow, that's great.

LOL, I just bet they were. What could be more interesting than three 13 year old boys playing their own original songs on instruments they have no idea how to play!

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Deborah said...

He is really entertaining you this summer, isn't he. The yarn looks delicious.