Friday, July 16, 2010

Purging The Stash!

I am torturing myself this week.I am sick of all the old fabric that I have accumulated over 22 years of quilting. I'm sick of every time I start a project I'm looking through the same ol' fabric. And since I can't bear to part with it - even if I hate it - I have decided to pull EVERY box of fabric I own (I sort my fabric by color so that's over 120 shoe boxes of fabric!) and cut every piece of fabric into 3 1/2 inch, 2 1/2 inch, and 1 1/2 inch strips to make scrappy quilts. I am saving the fabrics that are perfect for applique but everything else is getting cut. I'm actually pretty excited about this because it means that I will have several scrappy quilts and will soon be able to go fabric shopping again! Oh, speaking of fabric shopping. I bought fabric to back a twin sized quilt two days ago. While I have been rotary cutting everything in sight I thought I would get the backing ready for the quilt...I don't know what I was thinking!!! I only bought 3 yards of fabric!!! 3 yards to back a guilt!!! I apparently forgot how wide the quilt is! Now I have to go back and hope there are 3 more yards available on the bolt! And I don't have anything I can use because I'm mostly an applique quilter so I only buy fat quarters and 1/3's when I buy fabric - I only buy yardage when I'm buying borders, bindings, and backings. And I really don't want to piece a bunch of fat quarters to back this quilt. That wouldn't be fun to hand quilt. So anyhoo, I'm back to the store this weekend for more fabric. gaaah!

Kellie has been in art camp all this week (and next week) and we have been pretty busy around here so this fabric chopping is all I have to show for my week. I hope you have a nice weekend. See you Monday.


Deborah said...

Hope there's more fabric on the bolt for you. I can imagine the fun you're going to have making the scrappy quilts once you've gotten all that cutting done.

Levin said...

hey - goodluck with that project. i'm sick of my stash too and i'm amazed at strong the urge to buy new fabric is ..... and wool......and books.....
i should do what you are doing - just sew it all up and be done with it :)

Jane said...

wow...what a lot of cloth!
why not make up some 'bundles' and sell them, I'm sure there would be lots of interest. Then you'd have some cash to buy more.....cloth :)

dulcy said...

I hear ya! Only it's the opposite with hooking. I have all the cut strips (which are a complete hassle to store), but I don't like to invest in too much wool until I get some of them used up. The problem is there are never quite enough strips for a new piece, but I don't like to waste them (I tend to over cut at times). Also, just love those art journals in your previous post. Putting any on Etsy?

Kris said...

Haha! You are so busy and all your commenters just seem to want you to do more! (Fabric bundles & art journals on etsy !) I was about to suggest the same two things to you!!!

Actually, I am thinking the same about my stash - purging it that is - and am taking heart from what you are doing. Keep us updated on how you're going. I need an instruction manual!