Saturday, July 31, 2010

Moving On To Quilt Number Two...

I really hate basting quilts.That was one of the things I liked about belonging to a quilt guild - there were always a few friends available to help you baste your quilt and it would take no time at all. What I didn't like about the quilt guild was all the drama drama drama. I wanted a place to go once a week to hang out with my friends, sew and laugh - It became this big negative stressful complaint session once a week and I just couldn't take it. It wasn't what I had thought I was joining. Anyhoo, enough of that, I did get the quilt basted and am now working on this one. I love this quilt.
I wish it were big enough for my bed but I don't want to have to buy fabric to make more blocks so it will look nice on one of the kids beds.
I like to work this way - assembly line style. I had to clear the area to baste the first quilt so I thought I might as well baste them both at the same time. I thought about tying this second one but I think I'll quilt it with a big stitch instead.
I Have to tell you about the woman at the pool. She came in with her three boys. The oldest looked like he was around 15 or 16 and well over 5 feet tall - close to 6. Anyway, the three boys were playing ball in the 3 foot section of the pool but at some point the oldest boy moved off to the 5 foot section to talk to some friends. The mother completely flipped out! She yelled to him (from her chair :O) clear across the pool. Then was using crazy hand signals to make him come to her. He walks over...what? and she says...YOU KNOW YOU AREN'T ALLOWED IN THAT DEEP WATER! (the oh so deep water that his head was a good 12 inches above)SO! BECAUSE YOU DISOBEYED ME AND WENT INTO THE DEEP END YOU WILL BE SITTING IN YOUR ROOM FOR 15 MINUTES WHEN WE GET HOME MISTER!
A time out for a 15 year old? Does he have to sit on a special chair for that 15 minutes in his room?! The poor guy. I'm not sure who I felt more sorry for...the boy who has to live with the woman, or the poor woman who is holding on so tight that she is going to drive her boys away. It was hilarious and sad all at the same time. But I must confess, I can't wait for Jason to do something to make me angry so I can tell him he is getting a time out! Can't you just see me sending my 18 year old to his room for 15 minutes! LOL A better punishment would be to make him sit in the kitchen for 15 minutes without having a snack! Now that would be a hardship for him.


Levin said...

gosh mary, you make me laugh!!!
15 minutes in the kitchen without eating would be difficult for the best of us ;-)
but like you, i feel for that woman and her kids - sooner or later you've got to let go or else they will do it for you.
love the second quilt - amazing colours :)

Kris said...

Nice quilt tops! Basting is one of my least favourite bits of quilting. Good luck!

Deborah said...

Lol, I feel sorry for those boys. Both quilts look great. I love the fabrics you selected.

dulcy said...

First of all, your quilt is gorgeous! I really, really love the bright colors. And.... that story is hilarious.... 15 year old getting a "time out"... give me a break!

Jane said...

Wow Mary that looks a whole lotta work! but well worth it in the end I'll bet.
You have to wonder what kind of man that poor boy in the pool will become, a comical sight but tinged with saddness, poor kid.

joven said...

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