Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It Was A Good Mail Day

Look what came in the mail yesterday! I'm pretty excited about this. I want to use it for all of our absolutely favorite family recipes!Like Beans and Wieners Waikiki! LOL not really but I love telling the kids that is what we are having for dinner. It's right out of the 1970's. It's basically beans with hot dogs and pineapple (hence the Waikiki LOL) and some other stuff all mixed into a casserole dish and baked in the oven. Well, I remember we liked it when we were kids but lets face it - it was the 70's - we liked all kinds of crazy stuff, right? And what's more nutritious than a hot dog - especially when it's super fancy with canned pineapple, am I right?! Well, if you want this recipe you just let me know - For you I will share this fabulousness. :O)

While we are on the subject of craziness...let me just give you a peek into a day in the life of Ryan. Last night I made him eat a banana after dinner because the kid is a challenge in the food department. He went outside while he was eating it. Molly: MOM! Ryan just threw the banana peel over the fence and I think it landed in the neighbors yard!!! ME: RYYYYYYAAAAAANNNNN! (LOL can you just hear the craziness?) Ryan: (all sweetness and innocence) Yeah Mom? Me: (hyperventilating LOL) Did you just lose your mind and throw trash over the fence? Ryan: total blank look. Me: (through gritted teeth) Get outside and get the trash and bring it into this house and throw it away PROPERLY!!!! and God help you if the neighbors saw that hillbilly yahoo maneuver! I'm telling you friends...the boy should have come with a warning label. LOL.Right now Kellie is being a total angel - don't let her fool you. She's probably cookin' up somethin'.Don't you just love when they take photos of themselves and you find them on the computer? I know I do.


Kris said...

Such cute photos! I am thinking that you are a liar about your kids cause they just look perfect to me!!!

Weren't the 70's just weird? Not sure how it was there in the US (Hey! All I have to judge it by is The Brady Bunch. Watched it all the time!) but one of the 70's cuisine items I find the funniest is an orange with toothpicks stuck in it with cheese/coloured pickles on them. Soooooo funny! Let me know if you want that recipe!!!

Jane said...

quash that eating thing right away!
my better half still has a strange relationship with food, i think it's a texture thing, and I must say bananas do have a rather 'slimey' texture to someone not used to eating them :)
I think kellie is bound for pop stardom!!

Deborah said...

Your kids are so cute! I know you are enjoying them.

Jackie said...

My ons only eat beige...unless its curry....then its yellow or red!
I don't know why it happened but they are old enough to decide for themselves so I don't fret.