Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Ya know - this seemed like a great idea a week ago...But I'm still cutting up green!Normally green is my favorite color. Not this week. And I still have 9 more boxes of green to go! And I'm completely stressed thanks to my family! This one...
Likes living on the edge. It's a daily adventure.

And this one....Is flying to Maine next week with Molly's boyfriend and two other friends for a week for their senior trip. It will be just the 4 of them and he still hasn't given us all of the details of the trip except to say that they are going White Water Rafting!!! God help us.

And this one...

Wants to know if she can go to Maine too since they are her friends too. To Maine. With her boyfriend. For a week. Hmm, let me just think about this for a second...Molly age 17, boyfriend age 18, Molly with her cute little figure in a bikini, boyfriend being a guy ... yeah, I'm pretty sure that's a... NO! Molly: but Jason will be there! Yes...Yes, he will. Hmmm, lets see...how should I put this?...Hell no! Are you insane?! Absolutely Not.Going.To.Happen! She said "I didn't think you would say yes." Smart girl.

It's the strawberry ice cream that is keeping me going folks.


Cathie said...

llol lllol llooooool lol~! you are so funny. HELL NO! But you have to give her credit for trying! As far as the four boys in Maine - I'm afraid I'd have to ditto the first response - HELL NO. You are brave Mary, very brave - because in my humble opinion - no matter how trustworthy they are - they are still missing a few brain cells just by virtue of their age!! What beautiful, beautiful kids you have - so wholesome and gorgeous. As for your stash goes - 8 more boxes of just green? I'm green with envy of your stash. Once it's done though - just think how cool that will be. I just spent an entire day cutting up old clothes for scraps - old silk and linen blouses, old velvet blazers, - so as to have some interesting pieces to work with for that workshop I'm doing. It was a hassle but worth it.

Victoria @ BUMBLE BEANS said...

I''m with you on the hell no! ;-)

as for green, well, think how fabulous it will be when you done cutting.... ;-)

Deborah said...

Just think of the fun you'll have once the tedious cutting is don!

Levin said...

but they all look so innocent on their photos!!! like butter wouldn't melt in their mouths ;-)
poor you with all that green - it's probably why i avoid doing things like this......i'm scared it might put me off fabric for life and we couldn't have that now, could we!
goodluck - with the fabric and the kids.

Jill Eudaly said...

Ah, summer time, kids and teenagers. Your not alone.
Pass the ice cream!

Kris said...

That ice cream does look delicious. Lol! Kids think a million to one bet is a good thing. Although Miss Molly (that's what we call our Molly) said she knew you'd say no, I bet she was hoping the million to one bet would go her way! Ahh.... teenagers!

Julie Bagamary said...

YUM - home made ice cream. Makes motherhood better.