Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Home Again!

We are home from the beach!I am so glad to be home. We had beautiful weather every day. Not a drop of rain, not a cloud in the sky - perfect weather....but it's nice to be home.

Miss Kitty is angry with me. She doesn't like to be left.
Poor cross-eyed kitty.
Truffles (Molly's angora bunny) is not pleased with me either.
You see, he was due for a grooming before we left and I didn't feel like dealing with it. big.Big.mistake. Because now he is a clumpy, knotty, mess and there will be no spinning.AGAIN.
ooooo, that's not good...
mmm-is that hay in there? I'm sorry Truffles - please don't hate me.
Well, now you know what I'll be doing tomorrow. But I am oh so happy to be home.


Dag said...

oh boy, scary - again! yes, our cats look alike, totally... and now i am trying to convice the husband, that it will be okay to add an angora bunny!!
glad you had fun at the beach!! your kiddos look like fun!

Kris said...

So nice to be home! Wonderful to be away, but even better to be home. Glad you had such great weather too. It has been lovely weather here. Cold (for Adelaide!) and we are loving it!