Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Frisbee Episode

I forgot to tell you about Howard the Frisbee loving dog. After the disaster with the waves we decided that Howard was probably all about the Frisbee so Jason called him and threw the Frisbee to him. Howard thought he was under attack or something because he completely freaked and went spreadeagle! LOL Could the dog be more of an idiot? So dogs were all over the beach playing ball, swimming in the ocean and there's Howard shaking like a leaf thinking he's somehow landed in Hell. He was pretty traumatized by the entire beach experience.


Deborah said...

Poor Howard! I guess he's glad to be home.

Dag said...

but just look at that face - you wanna allow him just about everything, right?!
p.s. where's the bunny? i'm stalking the mail man! :-)