Saturday, July 31, 2010

Moving On To Quilt Number Two...

I really hate basting quilts.That was one of the things I liked about belonging to a quilt guild - there were always a few friends available to help you baste your quilt and it would take no time at all. What I didn't like about the quilt guild was all the drama drama drama. I wanted a place to go once a week to hang out with my friends, sew and laugh - It became this big negative stressful complaint session once a week and I just couldn't take it. It wasn't what I had thought I was joining. Anyhoo, enough of that, I did get the quilt basted and am now working on this one. I love this quilt.
I wish it were big enough for my bed but I don't want to have to buy fabric to make more blocks so it will look nice on one of the kids beds.
I like to work this way - assembly line style. I had to clear the area to baste the first quilt so I thought I might as well baste them both at the same time. I thought about tying this second one but I think I'll quilt it with a big stitch instead.
I Have to tell you about the woman at the pool. She came in with her three boys. The oldest looked like he was around 15 or 16 and well over 5 feet tall - close to 6. Anyway, the three boys were playing ball in the 3 foot section of the pool but at some point the oldest boy moved off to the 5 foot section to talk to some friends. The mother completely flipped out! She yelled to him (from her chair :O) clear across the pool. Then was using crazy hand signals to make him come to her. He walks over...what? and she says...YOU KNOW YOU AREN'T ALLOWED IN THAT DEEP WATER! (the oh so deep water that his head was a good 12 inches above)SO! BECAUSE YOU DISOBEYED ME AND WENT INTO THE DEEP END YOU WILL BE SITTING IN YOUR ROOM FOR 15 MINUTES WHEN WE GET HOME MISTER!
A time out for a 15 year old? Does he have to sit on a special chair for that 15 minutes in his room?! The poor guy. I'm not sure who I felt more sorry for...the boy who has to live with the woman, or the poor woman who is holding on so tight that she is going to drive her boys away. It was hilarious and sad all at the same time. But I must confess, I can't wait for Jason to do something to make me angry so I can tell him he is getting a time out! Can't you just see me sending my 18 year old to his room for 15 minutes! LOL A better punishment would be to make him sit in the kitchen for 15 minutes without having a snack! Now that would be a hardship for him.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Basting Today...

The lighting in my house is awful. We have so many big trees around our house that it's impossible to take a decent photo. Anyway, I'm taking a break from the cutting up fabric and am basting some quilts today. This is the first oneI'm trying to decide if I want to quilt it with a pale pink or cream.I'm leaning towards the cream. I considered the pale pink because I always quilt with white or cream but I think I'm too chicken to take the leap and use a color. The backing and binding are this green .
Victoria, if you are reading this, I have about 6 of these blocks left - do you want one or all of them? They aren't bright so I wasn't sure you could use them. Let me know.

I had to take Howard to the vet today. I think his thyroid meds are off. He is down to 141 pounds and he is shedding really really bad. They are going to call me tomorrow with the blood work results. Lets all cross our fingers that it is just his thyroid. You know how the dog likes to spend all our money on vet bills.

Well, it's a b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l day today! The humidity is gone and it's only going to be 86 degrees. aaaaaah. Heaven.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Just Saying Hi!

Where am I? I have no idea. The days are flying by and I'm not productive in any way that would interest you. On an up note, I've finished with the green fabric and have moved through purple and am now working on blue. I've gone to lunch and shopping with a friend. I've been hanging out with my kids and going to the pool. Tuesday evenings are noodle night at the pool. You are allowed to bring one of those big foam noodle things to the pool. This was one of those strange nights when no one is at the pool. Kellie was completely alone until these two boys came.Anyway, it's been just your typical summer days around here. Jason is in Maine. He survived the white water rafting. I know this because Molly's boyfriend must text her a thousand times a day so because of him I know my son is having fun. Yesterday Ryan spent his entire allowance for this month ($20) at the dollar store on stink bombs. Mark definitely needs to only give him half of his money and put the rest in the bank. Today he asked if he could buy a used toy from his friend. It was only $15. When I asked him how much a new one would cost he said $10. Ryan is the ideal customer! Who else would find value in buying a used toy for $15 that costs $10 new?! He's a whiz with cash isn't he? Anyway, I just thought I would stop by and say hi. I hope you are having a good week.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It Was A Good Mail Day

Look what came in the mail yesterday! I'm pretty excited about this. I want to use it for all of our absolutely favorite family recipes!Like Beans and Wieners Waikiki! LOL not really but I love telling the kids that is what we are having for dinner. It's right out of the 1970's. It's basically beans with hot dogs and pineapple (hence the Waikiki LOL) and some other stuff all mixed into a casserole dish and baked in the oven. Well, I remember we liked it when we were kids but lets face it - it was the 70's - we liked all kinds of crazy stuff, right? And what's more nutritious than a hot dog - especially when it's super fancy with canned pineapple, am I right?! Well, if you want this recipe you just let me know - For you I will share this fabulousness. :O)

While we are on the subject of craziness...let me just give you a peek into a day in the life of Ryan. Last night I made him eat a banana after dinner because the kid is a challenge in the food department. He went outside while he was eating it. Molly: MOM! Ryan just threw the banana peel over the fence and I think it landed in the neighbors yard!!! ME: RYYYYYYAAAAAANNNNN! (LOL can you just hear the craziness?) Ryan: (all sweetness and innocence) Yeah Mom? Me: (hyperventilating LOL) Did you just lose your mind and throw trash over the fence? Ryan: total blank look. Me: (through gritted teeth) Get outside and get the trash and bring it into this house and throw it away PROPERLY!!!! and God help you if the neighbors saw that hillbilly yahoo maneuver! I'm telling you friends...the boy should have come with a warning label. LOL.Right now Kellie is being a total angel - don't let her fool you. She's probably cookin' up somethin'.Don't you just love when they take photos of themselves and you find them on the computer? I know I do.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Ya know - this seemed like a great idea a week ago...But I'm still cutting up green!Normally green is my favorite color. Not this week. And I still have 9 more boxes of green to go! And I'm completely stressed thanks to my family! This one...
Likes living on the edge. It's a daily adventure.

And this one....Is flying to Maine next week with Molly's boyfriend and two other friends for a week for their senior trip. It will be just the 4 of them and he still hasn't given us all of the details of the trip except to say that they are going White Water Rafting!!! God help us.

And this one...

Wants to know if she can go to Maine too since they are her friends too. To Maine. With her boyfriend. For a week. Hmm, let me just think about this for a second...Molly age 17, boyfriend age 18, Molly with her cute little figure in a bikini, boyfriend being a guy ... yeah, I'm pretty sure that's a... NO! Molly: but Jason will be there! Yes...Yes, he will. Hmmm, lets should I put this?...Hell no! Are you insane?! Absolutely Not.Going.To.Happen! She said "I didn't think you would say yes." Smart girl.

It's the strawberry ice cream that is keeping me going folks.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Purging The Stash!

I am torturing myself this week.I am sick of all the old fabric that I have accumulated over 22 years of quilting. I'm sick of every time I start a project I'm looking through the same ol' fabric. And since I can't bear to part with it - even if I hate it - I have decided to pull EVERY box of fabric I own (I sort my fabric by color so that's over 120 shoe boxes of fabric!) and cut every piece of fabric into 3 1/2 inch, 2 1/2 inch, and 1 1/2 inch strips to make scrappy quilts. I am saving the fabrics that are perfect for applique but everything else is getting cut. I'm actually pretty excited about this because it means that I will have several scrappy quilts and will soon be able to go fabric shopping again! Oh, speaking of fabric shopping. I bought fabric to back a twin sized quilt two days ago. While I have been rotary cutting everything in sight I thought I would get the backing ready for the quilt...I don't know what I was thinking!!! I only bought 3 yards of fabric!!! 3 yards to back a guilt!!! I apparently forgot how wide the quilt is! Now I have to go back and hope there are 3 more yards available on the bolt! And I don't have anything I can use because I'm mostly an applique quilter so I only buy fat quarters and 1/3's when I buy fabric - I only buy yardage when I'm buying borders, bindings, and backings. And I really don't want to piece a bunch of fat quarters to back this quilt. That wouldn't be fun to hand quilt. So anyhoo, I'm back to the store this weekend for more fabric. gaaah!

Kellie has been in art camp all this week (and next week) and we have been pretty busy around here so this fabric chopping is all I have to show for my week. I hope you have a nice weekend. See you Monday.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Dear Jane and Journal WIP

First, the blueberry ice cream was good, but...I shouldn't have added 2 tsps of the vanilla - it was too much. I did increase the sugar to 3/4 cup and I'm glad I did. Overall it was very good. I will make it again (just with 1 tsp of vanilla next time)The peach ice cream that I made on Friday was very yummy - and it's long gone.As for Dear Jane: This one wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be. It went together very quickly.I'm ready to move on to the next one. I have also been working in my art/visual journal thing. I've been doing a lot of collage on the pages. I have a little more collage to do and then I will start coloring, painting, and the pen work on these.I love this photo of Howard so it needed a big spread...
It's fun to work in this journal. It's just play - I don't really think about it when I'm gluing stuff down. Most of this was finished before vacation with the intention of working on them in the evening. I packed a lot of pens, paints, pastels etc and never did work on any of it - which is a good thing because that means we were having too much fun - but now that I'm back home I am anxious to get to the paints and pens and have a little fun with it.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


This morning I finished this block. Hooray!I am all ready to start the next block. So I grabbed my big Ziploc bag full of envelopes and randomly picked one...Are you kidding me?!!!More of those stupid curves!!!!Not my lucky day.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Hand Piecing and an Ice Cream Recipe

Last night I decided to do a little hand piecing so I pulled out some of my Dear Jane blocks to work on. This block nearly killed me.Those curves were killer.I made myself stick with it because I knew that if I stopped I would never EVER go back to it. Anyway, I'm almost finished this block and can move on to a new one. I like to use these tiny tiny sequin pins when I hand piece because they don't get in the way, but I must have dropped them about 20 times - I guess I shouldn't work on little blocks - with difficult curves - with little pins - at night - when I'm not at my best. Hoping for a better time of it this morning.
I was at the grocery store at 6:30 AM this morning! We were completely out of food and I was being threatened with bodily harm by everyone in this house so I thought I had better have food in the house before they woke up. I am going to make Ice cream today. I bought strawberries, blueberries, and peaches but I think I will make the peach ice cream first. I love homemade ice cream! LOVE IT! I'm going to use my old standby easy peasy recipe. I've used several different ones, but this one seems to work great no matter what fruit I use.
Peach (or whatever fruit you want) Ice cream
3 Cups Peaches Peeled and Chopped
1/2 Cup Sugar
1 tsp (to 2 tsps) Vanilla
1 Cup Sweet Condensed Milk
1 Cup Half and Half
1 Cup (to 1 1/4 Cups) Whole Milk
1 Cup Evaporated Milk
Puree peaches with the sugar and half and half. Mix together peach mixture with the milks and vanilla. Turn on machine. Churn for 25 to 30 minutes. Let set in freezer for about 10 minutes before serving. Makes 2 quarts.
This ice cream is a very very light peach color. So good. I've made strawberry a million times but I've never made blueberry - I'm planning to make the blueberry ice cream tomorrow. I'll let you know how it turns out. Have a great weekend friends!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Frisbee Episode

I forgot to tell you about Howard the Frisbee loving dog. After the disaster with the waves we decided that Howard was probably all about the Frisbee so Jason called him and threw the Frisbee to him. Howard thought he was under attack or something because he completely freaked and went spreadeagle! LOL Could the dog be more of an idiot? So dogs were all over the beach playing ball, swimming in the ocean and there's Howard shaking like a leaf thinking he's somehow landed in Hell. He was pretty traumatized by the entire beach experience.

I'm Needing A Lot Of Coffee Today

Can't do anything fun today because I have piles and piles of laundry to do. And I have to deal with that stupid rabbit today, but what I am dreading most is that Jason plans on riding his Harley for the first time today. We helped him get it as a graduation gift - I know - you don't have to tell me how insane that is. But with Mark all about his Harley it was only a matter of time before Jason was going to want one. He has cars available whenever he needs one, but we wanted something for him to drive back and fourth to college in the fall that would be cheap and establish credit for him. Motorcycle insurance is low and the gas mileage is amazing. Jason took the motorcycle safety class before we left for vacation and got his license the day before we left.It's a much smaller bike than Mark's. It will be great for him to use for college in the fall because the college is only 2 miles from our house, but I'm still going to be a nervous wreck every time he leaves the house. He's like Mark though - very cautious - the complete opposite of Ryan :O). Ryan will have to be about 50 before I will let him ride a motorcycle!

My mother called me last night and told me that she was very sick over the weekend. She had a temperature of 102 all weekend and couldn't eat. She finally went to the doctor on Monday morning and they sent her to the emergency room where they were running tests. They told her she would have to be admitted and she said "oh. I can't do that. I'm taking care of my daughters pets while she is on vacation." LOL! She said the doctor looked at her like she had three heads and told her she didn't have a choice. Then about 2 hours later they figured out what was wrong (an infection) gave her antibiotics and sent her home. She stopped at my house to feed the pest on.the.way.home! Mark said "good thing she had her priorities in order." LOL Can you believe that? I was like Mom, we could have called Molly's boyfriend to take care of the pets till we could get home. That is so like her to worry about something stupid like the pets while in the hospital. She said she was so afraid that she was going to have to call me while I was away. Yeah. Don't bug me with your problems lady - I'm on the beach. gaaah, that woman. Anyway, she's getting better now.

Howard is very glad to be reunited with his couch and has assumed his usual position with his favorite toy. Useless horse dog.
Off to do piles and piles of laundry. Have a great day!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Home Again!

We are home from the beach!I am so glad to be home. We had beautiful weather every day. Not a drop of rain, not a cloud in the sky - perfect weather....but it's nice to be home.

Miss Kitty is angry with me. She doesn't like to be left.
Poor cross-eyed kitty.
Truffles (Molly's angora bunny) is not pleased with me either.
You see, he was due for a grooming before we left and I didn't feel like dealing with it. big.Big.mistake. Because now he is a clumpy, knotty, mess and there will be no spinning.AGAIN.
ooooo, that's not good...
mmm-is that hay in there? I'm sorry Truffles - please don't hate me.
Well, now you know what I'll be doing tomorrow. But I am oh so happy to be home.