Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Working on the Journal

I got a lot finished on the journal for the baby. I started to make the pages and then realized that I didn't know the finished size of the cover so I stopped making pages and switched to making the cover.It has a ton of beading on it.
I'm happy with the back cover.
I'm still deciding on the bottom front cover. It will have her name in the center, but I can't decide if I want the buttons or if I want to bead it. and I still have to sew the back cover sections together and add them to the binding. But I like it so far.

Jason graduates from High School tonight so today is probably going to be too busy to work on this. I can't believe I have a child graduating!And speaking of journals...I love that Miss Kellie is super crafty crafty - I do.'s expensive! The chopping up of the "good" cardstock/scrapbook paper, the glitter glue addiction, the sticker adds up. Example...Last week I put a new color cartridge and a new black ink cartridge in the printer. Six days later...
Kellie Crafter: MOM! The printer is out of ink!
Me: Black or Color?
Me: Ah...dearest love :O), how many photos from Longwood Gardens did you print for your journal?
KC: 372.
Me: Three HUNDRED and seventy two???! LOL! Which really wouldn't be a big deal except there were quite a few of this variety...

And there was confusion a few times and the same photo was printed multiple times. And then there is the quantity of printer paper yeah, kid crafting...lovin' it! I love her journals - I do but good grief! And what can you say? You don't want to stop that creative spirit - so cha-ching, cha-ching - you just have to smile and say "yes, that journal may have cost $200 to make but by golly it's awesome!" :O)

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What a beautiful way to use up those gorgeous buttons