Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Moving On To Fabric

I swear this is the last post I will show you of beads for awhile - but these sure were fun to make!
This morning I added some jumprings and earring wires to all of the beads. Here are just a few of the ones I made...

Too fun. We are going to the beach soon so I wont be playing with any clay for a few weeks. Today I am sewing a bunch of those little pillow things (like I used for the journal I made for Kendra) to take with me. I think they will be fun to stitch on the beach. I am also starting a new hooked rug today. I'm going to use old T-shirts again. I love working with them. They are so soft and the colors are a little faded and I like how that looks in a rug. I should have something fabric related to show you tomorrow. Had a good day yesterday. At one point Molly, Kellie and I were all crafting together. Molly was scrapbooking, Kellie was making beaded lizards, and I was laying out the beads for a little quilt. I love days like that.


Deborah said...

They look great! I can also imagine them as embellishments to a quilt or used as a clasp.

Dag said...

absolutely awesome!!!! you are amazing!!! and the cute pendants, yes, perfect summer jewelry!!