Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Howard The Beach Dog

The beach isn't very crowded this week and the weather was really nice tonight so we decided to take Howard on the beach. Howard has never been on the beach He was pretty excited about the beach
everything was good
till the wave came in
and the water came over his feet and he almost had a heart attack
and that was the last time he went near the water - so I took him for a little walk up the beach - far far away from the water where it was safe for big sissy dogs to walk
Howard watched the German Shepherd run in the water. He watched the little rat dog run in the water. And he decided that he is NOT a sporting breed - he is a couch breed. And couch breeds most definitely don't like water.

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Deborah said...

lol, I'm glad he got to come along! I've been wondering how he is. Where are you? It looks like a lovely beach.