Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy First Day Of Summer!

I'll be spending this day at the pool because it's hot hot hot here! I thought I would show you how the ceramic beads and buttons came out. I glazed all of the piecesI loaded the kiln SaturdayI fired them on Sunday and here they are today.
These are my favorites.
I couldn't fit everything into the kiln so I'll have to do a second firing for the remaining pieces. Happy Monday!


Deborah said...

Gorgeous! Happy first day of summer! Enjoy the pool.

Kris said...

Happy Monday? What kind of a greeting is that? (Have you never heard The Boomtown Rat's "I Don't Like Mondays"!) Lol! I am very much enjoying winter here. Everyone else however is thrilled that summer is just around the corner because today was the shortest day and now summer is coming! Lol!

Dag said...

mary, your buttons are gorgeous??? - shop/sale possibly??? or an art trade?? my cardis need green or orange on one, orange on another and a very dark forest green on the third. and i am knitting on #4 which needs mocha brown.... - dang, i wish i was closer!!
i brought some lovely lana grossa sockyarn from germany.... think about it!! cheers - dag

Levin said...

i am amazed at the depth of colour there is after firing them. they look fantastic.
hope you enjoyed the pool - it's cold here (for adelaide) so swimming seems like a long distant memory.