Monday, June 7, 2010

Good Morning!

I hope you had a nice weekend. I spent two full days working on this journal and I'm almost finished...almost.I still need to do the closure. I'm going to use this hand dyed pink velvet square. I'm going to hand sew a button hole, then hand stitch and bead it. I like this vintage button for it.I'm going to add it to the edge of the back cover like this...I hope I don't have to redo the stitching on the spine. I haven't put in the holes for the signatures yet - I'm hoping I'll be able to avoid the thread from the stitching. I still want to add buttons or beads but I'm not going to do that until after the holes are in so I can see what I have to work around.I didn't change the back
But I did add a little more beads and sequins to this block.
Here are some of the pages from the signatures. It has 2 signatures each with 15 pages. In this journal I added some of these little card stock cards. It makes a nice place to write on the dark paper.
And I added some recycled billing - security - envelopes. I like the crinkly sound they make.
I put the little envelopes in this one too.
I attached little squares for writing on some of the dark pages.
I like to use glitter paper in these journals, but they wouldn't really work for writing so I added a page from one of my vintage Winnie The Pooh books.
With a clear pocket over it.
I added a lot of these pockets too.
I love this page from another vintage book. It's a little village scene. I wish I had remembered to scan it into my computer first. I really love it. I hope I can take a better photo of it before I mail this off.
I'm going to sew the signatures in today and finish that closure and it will be boxed and ready to ship. I'm going to be sad to see this one go - I really love it. I'm off to the doctor with Molly - I think she has strep...ugh. Happy Monday!


Nancy Lynn said...

This is really a gorgeous cover for your ROD pages. I love Teesha's art too a lot. Thanks for sharing.

Cathie said...

ok, so i kinda really love on this journal. realy, really spiffy. do hope Molly doesn't have strep. NOT a good way to start the summer.

Deborah said...

This is gorgeous! Hope it's not strep.

Levin said...

wow - it looks amazing. it must be hard to part with. i keep making bags to sell, and by the time i've finished, i've convinced myself that i just need one more......david has started calling me the bag lady :)
hope your daughter is okay - i've had kids home sick since last's time for the family to be well!

Claire said...

What a fabulous ROD journal. I love the cover... I never would have thought of that much detail. Thank you for letting us see it!

Kip said...

Love this! You did a beautiful job on it!

jan said...

LOVE your cover and the pages will make it splendid!

jan in ohio

Victoria Bolton said...

Gorgeous! I love all the buttons. Teesha rocks and so do you! I'm inspired by your lovely work.

Rita A. said...

This is wonderful. I just love all the things you used and how neat it all looks. Thank you so much for sharing.
Rita from ROD

TextileTraveler said...

Great journal! I also love making these little squares; in fact, I'm getting ready to go on vacation and just today cut tons of squares to take with me to stitch. I love your pages, as well!

teesha said...

That cover is amazing! and it looks so huggable. I'm so happy to see so many people making the coolest fabric journals from those videos. YOu simply must make more.

Jacqui said...


Jackie said...

I;d just got to your blog on my reader list when you commented on mine!
I love the journal and don't know how you can bear to part with it.

Dag said...

mary, i am stunned - again!! your journals blow me away!! i'd so love to sit and watch you as you work on these - makes me wanna start writing again, too!!
hope the girlie is well by now - whatever it was!!