Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Howard The Beach Dog

The beach isn't very crowded this week and the weather was really nice tonight so we decided to take Howard on the beach. Howard has never been on the beach He was pretty excited about the beach
everything was good
till the wave came in
and the water came over his feet and he almost had a heart attack
and that was the last time he went near the water - so I took him for a little walk up the beach - far far away from the water where it was safe for big sissy dogs to walk
Howard watched the German Shepherd run in the water. He watched the little rat dog run in the water. And he decided that he is NOT a sporting breed - he is a couch breed. And couch breeds most definitely don't like water.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Moving Right Along

I'm thinkin' this might be enough pillow things.I just kept sewing - stuffing - sewing and tossing on the floor. :O) I have a plan though. They will be fun to stitch on the beach - extremely portable. I want to make some little things to list in my etsy shop. I set up another etsy shop for the clay and glass called whitecloverkiln, but I'm not going to list anything until after vacation. Now that I've worked out all of my mistakes with that first batch of clay I'm ready to make more to sell. And I also want to make some fused glass items to list too. Big plans - but not until after my family fun-mental health break. I can't wait to get to the beach! Seriously counting the days now.

I also started cutting out the strips for a bright log cabin quilt.
I have no business cutting out another quilt while I'm still not finished quilting this one!If I were a machine quilter this baby would have been finished years ago, but I'm not. I'm a hand quilter so...yeah...my grandchildren will love it right? I still love working on this. I love the bright blocks but you know how I am - attention span of a flea - so working on this is sporadic at best.I hand pieced/appliqued and hand quilted quilts like crazy years ago, but the older my kids get the less I get finished. I guess it's because they aren't all in bed by 8 PM anymore.

New topic...Why why why is the weather like August?! What happened to the beautiful June that we should have? What is with this humidity from Hell?! Kellie said to me "hey mom, you look just like Shirley Temple!"...gee, just the look I was going for too - oh how I love humidity - happy happy day. :O) Today is going to be 96 and very very humid - even too hot to be at the pool. H.O.T! Call me crazy, but when it's like trying to breathe pea soup I like to stay inside. Stay cool friends.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Moving On To Fabric

I swear this is the last post I will show you of beads for awhile - but these sure were fun to make!
This morning I added some jumprings and earring wires to all of the beads. Here are just a few of the ones I made...

Too fun. We are going to the beach soon so I wont be playing with any clay for a few weeks. Today I am sewing a bunch of those little pillow things (like I used for the journal I made for Kendra) to take with me. I think they will be fun to stitch on the beach. I am also starting a new hooked rug today. I'm going to use old T-shirts again. I love working with them. They are so soft and the colors are a little faded and I like how that looks in a rug. I should have something fabric related to show you tomorrow. Had a good day yesterday. At one point Molly, Kellie and I were all crafting together. Molly was scrapbooking, Kellie was making beaded lizards, and I was laying out the beads for a little quilt. I love days like that.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy First Day Of Summer!

I'll be spending this day at the pool because it's hot hot hot here! I thought I would show you how the ceramic beads and buttons came out. I glazed all of the piecesI loaded the kiln SaturdayI fired them on Sunday and here they are today.
These are my favorites.
I couldn't fit everything into the kiln so I'll have to do a second firing for the remaining pieces. Happy Monday!

Monday, June 14, 2010

I Didn't Blow Up!!! hooray!

First, Happy Flag Day!Saturday I finally got around to loading the kiln for the bisque firing.Read and reread the directions about 500 times, entered the information into the controller, read the directions two more times and then hit enter to start.
Tried not to stress as the temperature climbed to 1948 degrees. Convinced Mark that I knew exactly what I was doing. Who's afraid of a little kiln - surely not I. And the next morning...Taadaa...Look - perfectly bisque fired buttons and beads all ready for glaze. That one that has the color on it is a test. I wanted to see what the underglaze looks like when it's fired. I really like how white they are now. I can't wait to see what they look like with the glaze. I'm going to start glazing them today. Tomorrow is the last day of school and then it's summer va.ca.tion! woohoo!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's all finished and ready to send. I love that this journal cover is completely hand sewn. I added the closure...
And some buttons...
I stitched the buttonhole...
and added this vintage button that I absolutely love...
now for the hard part - sending it off. I hate to part with it.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Good Morning!

I hope you had a nice weekend. I spent two full days working on this journal and I'm almost finished...almost.I still need to do the closure. I'm going to use this hand dyed pink velvet square. I'm going to hand sew a button hole, then hand stitch and bead it. I like this vintage button for it.I'm going to add it to the edge of the back cover like this...I hope I don't have to redo the stitching on the spine. I haven't put in the holes for the signatures yet - I'm hoping I'll be able to avoid the thread from the stitching. I still want to add buttons or beads but I'm not going to do that until after the holes are in so I can see what I have to work around.I didn't change the back
But I did add a little more beads and sequins to this block.
Here are some of the pages from the signatures. It has 2 signatures each with 15 pages. In this journal I added some of these little card stock cards. It makes a nice place to write on the dark paper.
And I added some recycled billing - security - envelopes. I like the crinkly sound they make.
I put the little envelopes in this one too.
I attached little squares for writing on some of the dark pages.
I like to use glitter paper in these journals, but they wouldn't really work for writing so I added a page from one of my vintage Winnie The Pooh books.
With a clear pocket over it.
I added a lot of these pockets too.
I love this page from another vintage book. It's a little village scene. I wish I had remembered to scan it into my computer first. I really love it. I hope I can take a better photo of it before I mail this off.
I'm going to sew the signatures in today and finish that closure and it will be boxed and ready to ship. I'm going to be sad to see this one go - I really love it. I'm off to the doctor with Molly - I think she has strep...ugh. Happy Monday!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Oy, What A Day

Yesterday I went out with my friend for some window shopping and lunch. I was gone all day. Mark was working a half day so only Jason was home. Apparently around 12:30 PM my mom called looking for help because my dad had fallen and they couldn't get him up. Jason went over, got my dad up and said all was well. So I didn't know any of this until I got home at 5:00. I walk in the door and Mark says "you need to call your mom, she was pretty upset today because your dad fell again but he seems to be okay." I called my mom to make sure everything was okay - she said it was - but my dad had fallen in the bathroom at around 9:45AM and had somehow gotten himself out of the bathroom and up against the side of the bed but couldn't get himself up off the floor. My mom didn't get home until 12:15 and apparently she was trying to haul him off the floor while he had his arms wrapped around her arm! GAAAAAH, he's 205 lbs and 87 years old - my mom is 125 lbs and 84 years old!!! They could have broken her arm. I'm so upset about this - they are so stubborn. When I got angry about her trying to lift him she said "My bones are strong because of the tai chi and yoga I've been doing for so many years. My doctor said my bones are in great shape and are strong!" FOR SOMEONE YOUR AGE!!!! You don't have the bones of a 20 year old! They didn't want to call 911. What if Jason hadn't been home? It was just by luck that he was! This is making me crazy. I think I finally convinced my mom to call and get one of those medical alert things that you wear so that if you fall you can push a button and help comes. They don't like to admit that they are old. They don't like all that attention that calling 911 would bring. Oh...well, just sit on the floor for hours then - good idea. So my fun day turned into a stress day. I'm just glad he's okay because he's fallen several times over the last 6 years and has fractured his hip, busted up his face, etc so thank God he wasn't hurt this time but he is sore from having sat on the floor for almost three hours waiting for help. And then there's Jason who isn't trained to lift an elderly person up off the floor. And yes, Jason is 18 and strong, without training he could have hurt himself too.I love these people but they are going to be the death of me! hhhh, thank you for letting me vent so I can move on from this. OH! and there was a message on my machine saying that my ceramic raku class that was starting this weekend has been canceled and they are sending me a refund. What a day! I'm going to have some coffee and check out this kiln manual so that I don't blow up the house. I hope you have a fun weekend. I will see you on Monday friends and I promise I will be in a much happier mood!

Thursday, June 3, 2010


It was a good good day yesterday. Jason graduated...
There were 405 graduates and we were packed into the High School gymnasium! The over flow were in the auditorium. I think they got the better deal - they may have had to watch on a big screen, but they weren't sitting on hard as rock bleachers for 3 hours! After the last name was called the seniors threw about 12 beach balls into the air. It look so fun with all of those colorful beach balls being hit around them.
and my kiln finally arrived!
Now if I could just be home long enough to play with it. Busy day again today.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Working on the Journal

I got a lot finished on the journal for the baby. I started to make the pages and then realized that I didn't know the finished size of the cover so I stopped making pages and switched to making the cover.It has a ton of beading on it.
I'm happy with the back cover.
I'm still deciding on the bottom front cover. It will have her name in the center, but I can't decide if I want the buttons or if I want to bead it. and I still have to sew the back cover sections together and add them to the binding. But I like it so far.

Jason graduates from High School tonight so today is probably going to be too busy to work on this. I can't believe I have a child graduating!And speaking of journals...I love that Miss Kellie is super crafty crafty - I do. BUT...it's expensive! The chopping up of the "good" cardstock/scrapbook paper, the glitter glue addiction, the sticker addiction...it adds up. Example...Last week I put a new color cartridge and a new black ink cartridge in the printer. Six days later...
Kellie Crafter: MOM! The printer is out of ink!
Me: Black or Color?
Me: Ah...dearest love :O), how many photos from Longwood Gardens did you print for your journal?
KC: 372.
Me: Three HUNDRED and seventy two???! LOL! Which really wouldn't be a big deal except there were quite a few of this variety...

And there was confusion a few times and the same photo was printed multiple times. And then there is the quantity of printer paper involved...so yeah, kid crafting...lovin' it! I love her journals - I do but good grief! And what can you say? You don't want to stop that creative spirit - so cha-ching, cha-ching - you just have to smile and say "yes, that journal may have cost $200 to make but by golly it's awesome!" :O)