Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I went over to the college and picked up the glass last night I was pretty happy with it. It's crazy how different the pieces look after they have been fired. This one had a piece of white glass on the left side that completely disappeared into the green base. I'm disappointed with this one. During the class everyone loved this one. It was very retro looking, but after it was fired it lost it's pizazz.
I still like these two.
and look, the same white on the same green in the bottom right one didn't lose it's white. What's up with that. I'm thinking that the other white piece must have been put in the box with White when it was actually clear. Oh well.
This one completely changed too. That light purple stripe was a really dark purple when I assembled it but after it fired it became pale and transparent.
So that's it for the glass. Pretty happy with it I guess.
Kellie's class went to Longwood Gardens for a class trip last week and ever since she has been working on this journal she made about her trip.
I thought that was a pretty clever flower on the cover. She loves to write in journals. I hope she never stops - it's fun to look back on the ones she made when she was 4. She's getting quite a large library of journals - she's been making them for almost six years! Maybe she'll grow up to be a famous author and you can say you knew her when... :O) Happy Tuesday.


Cathie said...

It is so great that Kelly is journaling her life along the stages. Someday those books will be among her most prized possessions. Love your little fused glass pieces - I think they are all beautiful.
PS - you are SPOILED!!!! Big Time!!! Getting a new kiln. Geeze.....

dulcy said...

Beautiful glass! I've never worked with glass, but have always love the look, feel, and colors. Also, darling little journal cover. Must hang on to that. Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog!


Deborah said...

Gorgeous little glass pieces! I took a class once and thought it was fun. Looks like Kelly is creative like her mother. Those journals are so special to save. I don't live very far from Longwood Gardens, maybe 30 to 40 minutes.

Lydia said...
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Levin said...

i love your daughter's journal and it's great that she makes them and keeps them.
those glass beads are amazing - they are all so beautiful.