Thursday, May 20, 2010

Baked Bread...yum, Steamed Artichokes...rash.

I have had this book for months and hadn't made any bread
I love bread. It's my biggest weakness. I make bread in my bread machine all the time, but I decided it was about time I got around to making some in my oven with a recipe from this book. So I went online to King Arthur to buy the bucket thing for bread dough to rise in and as soon as it came I got to work.

I used the master recipe that makes 4 1-pound loaves.
And just like the book says, it was really easy! crazy easy. So easy that I will be making this a lot!
And I decided that I would try steamed artichokes. I've never had steamed artichokes and neither had Mark. So a few days ago I steamed some.
easy peasy. really yummy. But then the rash came. Steamed artichokes...not in this house ever again.
And the glass fusing class. It was fun, as I knew it would be. She didn't really teach me anything glass related that I didn't already know, but she did answer my kiln questions which was really why I took the class. I made about 6 to 8 (I can't remember) pieces but she was going to fire them this week. I need to go back on Monday to pick them up.


Cathie said...

Hmmmm, artichokes and a rash - interesting blog topic today!! We eat steamed arties at our house all the time. So easy, and so delicious. Are you sure it was the arties that caused the rash?
A ONE POUND loaf of bread - sheeeesh - I gain weight just thinking about that one. I've always wanted to try to make good bread. I make cranberry bread, banana bread - you know - the usual kinds, but the one you have pictured here looks like Panera bread!

Deborah said...

I can't imagine being able to make bread that looks like that! It just doesn't look that easy to me.

Levin said...

i love bread too but i can't have it at the moment :(
i've seen that book on so many blogs and it looks fantastic. the bread you made looks amazing - is it really that easy???