Monday, April 12, 2010

The Weekend...

I did go to the book fair. Made a few purchases. That was fun. I love the illustrations in these old books.
Kellie's school made the 6 o'clock news Friday night with the teachers kissing a cow. That was pretty funny. Word of advise...don't do a search for get some nasty images as a result - apparently there is a double meaning there. LOL a bit of a shock that was! :O) It's like when you aren't thinking and you do the abbreviated version of Dropping the sportinggoods part of that is a fatal mistake! In the five seconds of frantic closing of the images you will learn more about that human body part then you ever wanted to know! You'll be scarred for life. LOL

And poor poor Molly. Friday night they didn't get back to their rooms until almost 1AM. By the time she was able to get her shower it was after 2 AM and they had to be up at 6 AM to be in the parade in Magic Kingdom. Then they went all day at the park. She called from the bus at 9:15 PM to say they were leaving the park and on their way home. an hour later the kid directly behind her began suffering from food poisoning. And poor Molly gets car sick so being extremely over tired and having someone ill behind her was not a good thing at all. They finally made it home (17 hours later) at 4PM Sunday afternoon and both Molly and Jason were absolutely exhausted. They are home from school today to recover from their vacation which is nice because I missed them.


Kris said...

Sounds like a miserable weekend! Love your book acquisitions.

Deborah said...

Beautiful old books! I think maybe the copy of Little Women is the same one I had as a kid. So I guess maybe I am old, too!

Levin said...

Poor Molly. I hope she has recovered now - mind you, in my experience, it takes a while to get over lack of sleep.
I love those old books - the illustrations are just gorgeous.

Dag said...

glad you have your kiddos back!!

so now, what will you do with the books?? -- i think i have a very similar edition of the children's verses which i had purchased at goodwill (cheap)and keep in my studio because i adore the illustrations!!
enjoy the week!

Jackie said...

What a laugh with the discoveries you made on the web. Be careful what you look for!
I'm glad you and yours are re united.