Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Not. I spent all afternoon yesterday stitching one of my velvet blocks and then...ripping it all back out because I didn't like it - too much stitching didn't look good. It lost it's poofiness.And I hate how you can see the little holes where the stitches had been. I'm hoping that will go away when I'm finished. So, I'm back to the beginning on this.

And Jason...Jason, Jason, Jason. He's away at the nature camp thing working as a counselor. It's 47 degrees in the evening. Did he take any pants? No. His day is filled with hiking in the woods, walking through streams, general camping type stuff. Did he take hiking boots? No. He makes me crazy. If I ask any questions about his packing (or anything for that matter) I get the attitude - you know, he's 18 - that makes him oh so intelligent - clearly. So there he is in the woods freezing in shorts and hiking without boots.


Cathie said...

Bet he won't do THAT again!!
It's tough when they grow up Mary. We still want to mother them, tell them what to do - protect them. But at this age - the only way they learn is when the screw up!
Take it from one who's learning and almost knows!

Dag said...

i know i'll never stop worrying about my guys either... ~sigh~
keep it coming with your little pillows - if all else fails, i know your little one will sure love them for dollplay...!

Kris said...

Some of them get to the point where you can't even talk to them! Teenagers!