Monday, April 26, 2010

Busy Week Last Week

After watching teesha's Free Fabric Journal Workshop Videos I immediately wanted to make some.Very fun, but my corners are very wonky.I made these with my hand dyed velvet.Very fun. I'm going to do the stitching on the blocks this week. I still don't know what I'm going to use them for. I liked her bag and her journal covers and I loved her banner and those faces. Pretty much loved all of it.
Mark is home again this week - he wont see the doctor till next Monday. He hasn't left the house since the surgery. Definitely hoping the doctor will let him go back to work next week. We shall see. We have been spending every morning on the deck reading and every afternoon watching MadMen seasons 1 and 2. This week we start season 3. Only problem with watching MadMen is that we are craving a martini at 3 o'clock in the afternoon! We've had lots of together time these past five weeks - which I must say has been nice this time. We've actually been having fun together - unlike last time when he made me crazy :O). I think that fact that it's spring has made all the difference. Last time it was winter so we were truly stuck in the house. Being able to sit outside makes all the difference in the world. I think the funniest thing was this bit of conversation...

Mark: It's 6:10 do you plan to start dinner soon?
Me: Ooooooh! I just got to the duel!
Mark: LOL. I don't even want to know what trash you are reading!

Molly's play was Friday and Saturday night. They did Little Women (Molly played Amy in the Yellow dress)A lot of dialogue - they all did a fantastic job!

And Sunday (4/25) was Molly's 17Th birthday!She wanted a piano, but we can't fit a piano in our house right now so we bought her a keyboard (much easier to store when not in use). It has 88 weighted keys which makes it much nicer than the one she had. There was a little trouble when we shoved all of Kellie's doll house stuff off to the side (sorry Kellie) so she could open it. Then she realized that she had a towel on her head and I was taking photos...She was so pleased that I continued to snap away with the camera.She and Ryan had fun playing songs together. Meanwhile Kellie was planning her trip to Disney. We aren't going until 2011 but she wants to be prepared. She wants to make sure we go back to all of her favorite places. I'm ready for the new week. Jason will be gone all week - he is going to be a counselor for a nature camp. He will be with two of his friends so that should be fun. Molly had planned to be a counselor this week too, but she is going in May now.

So that brings us to today. Rain, definitely need to clean this house TODAY!!! All of that reading and MadMen watching has taken a toll on the house. Hoping to finish early so that I can get back to the stitching this afternoon - MadMen Season 3 starts today at our house. Happy Monday friends!


Dag said...

mary, your little/big girl is gorgeous! happy birthday!!
i can't wait to see more of the "cushion journals". so far i only watched part of the tutorials, but i really want to see it all! love your handdyed velvet, too!!!

Levin said...

i LOVE mad men. i've seen season one and two, but not three yet.....i can't wait till it's out here though.
those photos are great - i bet your daughter loves you for sharing them with us ;-)

Cathie said...

Sounds like a wonderful week -- your love, your kids, your craft and martinis at three!!! woo hoo. Blaise and I have ours at 2:30!!! While we watch Sons of Anarchy that we've taped. Now that you guys have a Harley you've got to watch that too. Look it up - I think the new season starts next month. Beautiful children - what a good mom you must be Mary. They always look so wholesome, healthy and happy. Glad Hubby is on the mend, too. Together time may be JUST what the doctor ordered!!!

Cathie said...

oh my gosh! I just went and watched all of Teesha's videos - I love that technique. I fell in love with the banner she made. I've got to look at that again. It is stunning - really. How fun! And your little pillows, I can only imagine what you are going to do with those. Thanks Mary for the heads up on this. It's awesome!