Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What Is Making My Eye Twitch

Breathe In .... Breathe Out ... Deep cleansing breaths. Don't yell. Don't FLIP OUT! like you want to... That's when the eye started twitching 'cause I'm pretty sure my headphones shouldn't look like this...
I'm big on sharing my goods. I let the kids use my headphones. hmmm. Lets just say I learned a lesson on that one. I also let my kids use my stuff. Paint, paper, punches, beads, buttons, fabric, yarn, etc etc etc. I'm a firm believer in buying good quality art supplies and taking good care of them. On my rotary cutters I have written in black sharpie... FABRIC ONLY and PAPER ONLY so when the fabric cutter was used on the paper I was a tad upset. I have fabric scissors and I have paper scissors and I have about 4 craft scissors. Why WHY WHY WHY do they use my really good fabric scissors for paper, plastic and everything else they come in contact with?

And this is a big problem. I want to start a new applique project. Like this quilt.
I love Baltimore Album quilts. I want to make one in bright colors like this one
Unfortunately I still haven't made this quilt...
I've had this a long time. I really need to get to it. The blocks are huge. 16 inches! The good thing about that is that the appliques are huge too so that will make it super easy
I go through spurts where I want to make an 1860's quilt and then I want to make something bright. Right now I want to make something bright to go on my bed but unfortunately I have everything I need to make an 1860's quilt (2 quilts actually) for my bed. I hate that.
I'm not going to work on that at the hospital though - I'm going to work on these blocks instead.
I have everything cut out for a bunch of blocks - see that stack of envelopes there on the left? That should keep me busy.
They are for the Dear Jane quilt I'm making I love that quilt and I'm going to completely hand sew the entire thing. It started as a block a week that I was doing with my sister when she lived in Omaha Nebraska but we were distracted by other things and we didn't get very far with it. I've still been making blocks when the mood strikes, but I'm not very far along with this.The blocks are small - around 5 inches. I've finished a few but obviously I have a bazillion more to go! I know. I'll be 110 and still working on this, but I want to make it without the sewing machine. Look at the border! All of those triangles and half of them are pieced. I don't even want to think about those bias edges right now.
Just looking at the patterns gives me heart palpitations! :O) Look at the top of the triangle that is shown on the bottom right of the right page - look at that tip! What is that? I have to piece that?! LOL
And look at that color photo of the corner - it says 5,602 pieces! LOL Did I say I'll be 110? More like 310! But, it will be perfect for the hospital because I only need one color thread, one needle, a few tiny applique pins, and some little scissors. Very portable. I do love handwork. It has always been and always will be my favorite thing. It's like when I'm spinning wool - I get in this zone and when I stop I'm a little blurry eyed, but I feel completely relaxed. Hand stitching has the same result for me. Looooove it.


Cathie said...

I can feel the energy you are emitting!!! Hey - I started a Dear Jane (with Kaffe Fassett fabrics) - I bought the book. I have about as much done as you. Wanna do it together?? We can do the same blocks at the same time. No pressure - just a thought. Maybe we can keep eachother motivated. e-mail me. Make sure to pack some chocolate in that hospital bag. XO

Cathie said...

P.S. with regard to the scissor situation - scissors are very personal. Both my husband and I have our favorite scissors. And, like you - I have fabric scissors, thread scissors, paper scissors, cardboard scissors. I keep my embroidery (thread) scissors and my applique scissors and my German Forged Steel Fabric Scissors tucked safely away in the back of one of my drawers while the other scissors I keep hanging out in the open. So when they go to grab - they grab those.

Kris said...

I have not fallen for the Dear Jane quilt. Yet. I suppose it will happen one day. I am a week and a half away from a bright baltimore class. The quilt I'll be making is called "Bling Bling Baltimore". Can't wait. Already have the fabric!!!

Dag said...

oooh - sorry about the headsets... but i'm like you, they are allowed to use my good stuff - with care, but that does not always happen that way. talk talk talk and remind them all the time, right?!