Thursday, March 18, 2010

Some New/Old Minis

Hi friends. I was cleaning yesterday and changing over my winter decorations to my spring decorations and I came across these three little mini quilts I made back in 2002. My father had turned 80 and we were all sitting around the table talking about his family and his crazy Bohemian mother and grandparents and their crazy superstitions. These little quilts are about some of the things my grandmother told my father. These are small 5 1/2 inches x 6 1/2 inches and represent my father as a small boy.
Whatever carly marbles are - I guess indigestion?

That's a lovely thing to tell a child!
My father is 6 years older than his sister so I guess he did a lot of looking at the baby.

You know I always refer to the Bohemian side of my family as the crazy Bohemians, but it's because they were. They basically turned one of their daughters into a slave. She was the youngest and when she got married she still had to come to her parents house every day from early morning until late at night and take care of them (cooking, cleaning, etc) not because they were ill, just because they decided that that was what had to be done. They didn't expect her sisters to help - it was her job. I never could understand why she let her parents run her life like that or why her husband didn't stand up for her, but I think things were just different back then (1920's) and you didn't go against your parents. Also, I think her father was abusive and there was probably years of emotional and physical abuse (there are more crazy stories there) - she was probably too afraid to say no. It ruined her marriage - her husband became an alcoholic. My great grandfather was a complete nut. He made a leather strap with holes in it for my grandfather to beat my father with! The holes were so that it would slice through the air with great speed. That's just great. Can you imagine...gee granddad what are you making??? Oh, I'm making a leather strap for your father to beat the crap out of you. Nice. My father said it hung in their kitchen next to the back door. Easy reach just in case he decided to do something bad. I can't imagine what a child could possibly do that would warrant a beating with a leather strap! a leather strap crafted by his dear dear grandfather. Meanwhile their entire house was filled with religious shrines with burning candles. Mmmmm, very good religious people right there. I'm glad I didn't know them.

Gee, I didn't mean to get so dark with this post - I just wanted to show you the mini quilts but when I think about the crazy Bohemians I think about that strap and what they did to their daughter. Enough of that - lets move on to happy things like cupcakes. I'm going to go have one. I suggest you do the same 'cause cupcakes make for a happy happy day. I think I'll have two so I can be reeeeeeally happy. :O)


Deborah said...

Those mini quilts are wonderful! I think it's good to keep the stories, good and bad, because that's what lie is, good and bad. My grandmother's house had a leather strap, too. It hung in the kitchen.

Cathie said...

Save one (of those cupcakes) for Howard. Cute minis - interesting family!

Levin said...

obviously there was a distinct lack of cupcakes in your great/grandfather's household. maybe there should have been more and they could have all been happy :)
it's funny how life has changed though - apparently my father was tied to his father's workbench for the day so he couldn't be naughty - can you imagine doing that now???
enjoy your cupcakes - i've eaten far too many lately :(