Friday, March 26, 2010

Knitting Knitting Knitting

Did a lot of waiting...the good thing about the waiting is that I was able to get a lot of knitting accomplished on my socks. I was worried about the dark blue I wanted to use for the cuff, heel, and toe but the more I finished the more I liked the dark blue.
Now that I'm home I've been working on some tic-tac-toe games. I want to hurry and get them finished because some of them have an Easter theme.Have a great weekend! I'm hoping for sunny skies.


Jackie said...

I wish you all well and hope Mark has a speedy recovery. I think sock knitting is exactly the right thing to keep you sane in such difficult times.

Cathie said...

Yaaaaaay! So happy everything went well and that you are BOTH ok. I've been thinking about you guys for the past few days. Now - take good care of him - but be sure to take good care of yourself. And get those kids of yours to give you a hand this weekend. XO

Dag said...

I hope your man will be well speedyquick!I'm glad everything went well - you must be worried sick!!! Send my wishes over to him, and yes, you, too, take care of yourself!

Levin said...

wow - we are almost at the same sock stage - i just have to decrease the toe and ...... start the next one. except i've been looking on ravelry and now i want to make some fingerless gloves, and i've ordered some wool for a cardigan....and i'm knitting a scarf......will my house be a haven for unfinished objects?????