Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Saint Patricks Day!

You know how I love this day! I have my green food coloring all ready to go. My corned beef and cabbage, carrots, and potatoes are just waiting. I'm ready to make the cake. And I want to assure you that I will not be making this mistake again this year! :O) I'm sure I make my great great grandfather Owen McNeill and his oh so lovely wife Bondeena very proud. :O)Bondeena - there's a name for you. Owen came from Derrynoid in Northern Ireland and met and married Bondeena in Baltimore. I'm sorry but he looks like he could be Dracula in that painting. :O) He's probably going to haunt me now. But honestly, they don't look nearly as nice as my great grandparents William Patrick and Mary Margaret Welsh! (the woman in the back is my grandmother and my father is the little boy in the front)
And now I know where I get these chipmunk cheeks from! Have a great Irishy day! Now if I could just get Miss Molly to do a little jig for me all would be right with the world!


Dag said...

i loved the cake story - too funny!
i am invited to a st. patty's day party - the girls have been making green confetti - inspite of plentyful threats about having to clean it up all by themselves!!

Deborah said...

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! Great photos of your family!

Cathie said...

ha ha ha ha haha I remember that cake last year. as I recall you put food coloring in everything.
have a splendid day, lassie!
p.s. love the pictures