Wednesday, February 10, 2010

You Don't Want To Go Out In This...

This is what a blizzard (the second blizzard in four days) looks like on the outside by the end of the afternoon today you couldn't even see that fence across the street - it was completely covered in snow (that's a four foot fence)

This is out back-our deck is off of the second story of our house. That's pretty deep snow right there folks!
We had winds well over 35 miles per hour. You couldn't go out in it. There were periods of total white out. I was so worried that we would lose power. At one point this afternoon 8,600 people in our area out of 100,350 did lose power, but fortunately we were not one of them. I did see later that 15,337 had power restored (looks like that 8,600 had gone up substantially during the day) and that only 79 people were still without power - we were really lucky.

And this is what a blizzard looks like on the inside. I don't think we will ever wear anything but lounge pants and sweat pants again. Kellie has to be forced to change out of her pj's!
Howard is completely loving all the lounging. While Jason lounged in the recliner, Howard hung out with Molly on the floor.
And then later he snuggled with me for a little TV time - he was gazing at me like I am the love of his life! LOL till Molly distracted him with the flash!
We are all going completely batty now. Doughnuts are gone. We have been snacking pretty much continuously. I am not going to even go near the scale after this week - I don't even want to know!

In between all of the snacking Molly and Kellie have been doing a little papier mache. Molly made an inchworm and Kellie is making a frog.

I hope you are having a more productive week.


Clevelandgirlie said...

Such great family moments. Doesn't matter that they are created out of necessity - all that matters is that they existed.
Oh that Howard. Mwah.

Robin said...

We lost power at 9:30 yesterday morning until 11:30 this morning. We are lucky. We have a small generator and can operate heat, well pump, and the kitchen (not stove) and family room (hooray t.v.). It is gasoline powered, so we shut it off overnight to save gas and turned it back on this morning. We had all the neighbors over for coffee, breakfast, showers and warmth this morning.

Deborah said...

We got a lot of snow, too. Spent yesterday digging out. That's a wonderful expression on Howard's face, definitely true love!

Kris said...

Thanks for the photos Mary! That's crazy snow! I know how you feel about the tracky-daks. Lounging about in your jammies is the best. Hope you are all well, warm, and that doughnuts have reappeared in your life.