Thursday, February 4, 2010

Stitched A Little Quilty/ATC Thing-UPDATED

Last night while I was watching TV I stitched this little quilty/ATC thing.I really love the french knots in the center. I still need to add the beading, but I thought I would show it to you now. The background was drawn/colored with Neocolor II watercolor crayons. I love those darn things.

And I'm still stitching pages for my Remains Of The Day journal class. These darn things are addictive! I still have more to do on the pages before I sew the journal together, but I thought I would show you my three favorite pages (so far)...
And Tuesday night we had more snow. They were calling for 6 inches and the kids were convinced that they would have off from school on Wednesday
(The snow was coming down so hard that the camera couldn't focus!)

But unfortunately, when they woke up the roads were pretty clear so they only had a two hour delayed opening. Jason had to hurry and do his homework...mmm hmm. And the sun came out making it a beautiful day.
Now they are calling for a huge storm to hit tomorrow afternoon. They are calling for 12 to 24 inches of snow. I normally go to the store and get a weeks worth of groceries every Friday and tomorrow is payday so not only did I have my normal grocery list, but I also had my Target list of all the cleaning, soaps, etc. So my shopping list was two pages long. With the snow coming I thought I should go today to get it all done because tomorrow the stores will be crazy. The store was insane today. People were waiting outside in line just to get a cart to go grocery shopping!!! I was in line at the checkout for an hour! AN HOUR JUST TO CHECK OUT!!!! CRAZY...I can't even imagine what the store will be like tomorrow! I'm glad I went today. People in this state go absolutely nuts when they call for snow. One inch and there is panic so with this 12 plus storm...absolute mindless behavior. Example....No bread to be had, No chicken to be had. The entire section for chicken in the meat department was empty. EMPTY. What do they think is going to happen...we'll have a state of emergency and no food will be available until May??? I'm just glad I didn't have toilet paper on my list because I'm sure that was empty too! It's a running joke in Maryland (Robin, you know :O)-...snow=no milk, no bread, no toilet paper. The snow plows are out immediately so within one or two days you can get out and about without any trouble. I really don't understand the panic. No chicken...What the heck is up with that?!
I'm waiting for the kids to get home from school so we can go to the library. Kellie has read all of her books so she's very impatient about getting to the library. Hmmm, I hope there are books on the shelves, they are calling for snow you know. :O) I love the library. Next to the bead store and the quilt store it's my favorite place!
***Oh for Gods sake! Jason just got home from school and asked if I thought they would have school tomorrow?
Of course you will, it isn't even going to start snowing until late in the day.
I know, but I thought maybe they would close since it's going to snow in the afternoon.
No. You will have school - do your homework.
Yet another generation with a snow phobia! I think they should shut the entire state down now - 'cause ... you know ... they're calling for snow!! We should all lock ourselves in now - just to be safe.


Deborah said...

I love your post! It does get crazy when snow is forecast. I'm laughing about the library. I used to work in one and videos were the first things to go. I really like your atc and am looking forward to seeing it with the beads. Instead of going to the grocery store, I just bought some beads and fabric, since I'm usually now the only one who is here and of course I would rather create things than eat (grin).

Robin said...

Love the beautiful atc. Your post is hysterical, but I just heard one county is already closing 2 hours early in anticipation of the snow. I went to the grocery store yesterday knowing that it would be crazy today and tomorrow. I did have to go to the liquor store today and they were doing a brisk business I am actually loving this snow. As a belated Christmas gift I got a snowblower!! I really did want one. My husband has a bad back and I always shovel the driveway (it is huge). I have already used the blower three times. It's great! I plan on making a huge pot of soup, a huge pot of chili, put on my favorite movies and play in my studio for the whole weekend.

Hunker down and have a great weekend.

Kris said...

Hahaha! I love this post! Thanks for sharing your community's insaneness with us. I have never seen snow, so I guess I would be just as insane. I think that even before we got to the snow bit I would be whinging about the cold! (Too cold to go out!)

Oh, and I love your french knots too. They are perfect. Can't wait to see the beading. (You'll have plenty of time to bead. I heard your town is closed till further notice!)