Monday, February 8, 2010

Oh...It Was Snowing! and more of my journal

This has been my wardrobe for the past 3 days. Sweats and fuzzy slippers-what could be better than that? Whoever invented fuzzy slippers and sweat pants...BRILLIANT!
I did some knitting on Saturday until my carpal tunnel decided that that was enough of that so I switched to working on my ROD journal pages. I spent the entire day Sunday with this thing. I want my journal to be of the entire year. It's kind of a big year. I turn 45, Jason graduates from High School, Mark and I celebrate our 20Th wedding anniversary. You know stuff like that. I want it to all be in one journal. So, with that in mind my journal signatures are getting rather large. Six signatures each 12 pages (48 individual pages per signature)
I'm hoping a 3 inch binding will hold all of this.
I purchased an old set of Winnie The Pooh books (I love the illustrations. One of them is a book of poems) and I've decided to use a few of the pages in this journal. I added a piece of velum over it to give me a place to journal on the page.
I love those old illustrations. And, if you are interested, here are a few more pages that I've been working on. (the prep work takes a long time) I can't wait to start writing in this journal. It's also going to have a lot of photos in it. More photos than words actually.
I added a lot of these little clear pockets to hold some of the photos and other little odds and ends (tickets, receipts, and such.)
and the snow...Oh it came with a vengeance. It started at around 2:30 PM Friday afternoon and finished around 3:30 PM Saturday afternoon. In all we got 27 - 28 inches of snow. That's a lot of snow at one time! When it started it was so pretty. It had a lot of sparkle to it. Like sequins or glass confetti. Very pretty.
When I woke up Saturday morning you couldn't even see out several windows.
the poor bushes and trees took a beating with the weight of the snow. It was a really wet snow so it was very heavy.
I was getting very worried that the deck would collapse!
We all went out in the mid morning to clear off some of the snow to save the deck. Howard was very excited!When it finally ended it was a bit overwhelming! A LOT of snow to shovel!
like I said, about 27 or 28 inches deep!
Jason used our snow blower (which is a must have!) While he was doing our driveway some man came by with this really heavy duty snow blower. He was just cruising down the street clearing the entire sidewalk in seconds. Crazy good snow blower. Jason had serious snow blower envy. That was a very nice man!
The kids made sure that Mark could get his truck out, but my car and truck were completely covered in snow. And they didn't even bother with my half of the driveway because they knew I wasn't going anywhere.
they finally cleared the rest of the driveway today because guess what...they are calling for another 18 - 20 inches of snow to fall TOMORROW!!!! AAAAA! that's a little bit insane. What are we going to do with 4 feet of snow on the ground! School obviously is closed. They probably won't be able to go back until February 16. They have off for a Federal Holiday on the 15Th so we are all going to be a bit sick of each other by next week. We never get this much snow in such a short period of time. What a mess.


Kris said...

I am just loving that journal! So, so lovely. I am crazy for winnie the pooh too, so now I am really loving your journal and feeling jealous. AND THAT SNOW!!! Never seen the stuff in real life, but it just looks so beautiful. Keep the snow photos coming, I am trying to live vicariously through your photos! I completely LOVE the idea of the weather cancelling school. At 10am here it was 39 degrees (102F) and my son said they should send all the kids home from school. Doesn't happen though. My daughter's school has a hot weather policy, but that means they just get out of school 1 hour earlier, in the heat of the day at 2pm! Hope you live through the snow days!!!

Clevelandgirlie said...

Oh man - look at all that snow. I am seriously jealous. We got about 6 puny inches. My dad just forwarded to me an article that Cleveland (where I'm from) gets the most snow with about 60 inches average per year. Oh how I miss that. Hey - forget the car - have Howard pull you on a sled to the store. Or, better yet - saddle him up and off you go!!!
Love your book. How fun. I love how you are always doing something different. I never know what you are up to. So glad we met!

spunkyduckling @ cute fuzzy slippers said...

These photos are so amazing..Hope one day I can get to experience some snow. Where I live we don't get one drop of snow. Can only imagine what it is like. Love those rainbow fuzzy slippers. Cheers!

Deborah said...

Great photos! The snow is a lot of work but it is beautiful, too. We're expecting more tonight also. I really really like the journal! I'm looking forward to seeing how it evolves throughout the year as you start recording.

Lorie McCown said...

ahh yes, snow snow everywhere, and more on the way.. I'm a big pooh bear fan as well, love the book and illustrations. fuzzy slippers rule!

Barbara said...

Wow, now that's snow. It looks so beautiful but I bet it becomes a real nuisance. It must get pretty muddy and horrible when it starts to melt.

I love your journal and your fluffy slippers!!

Levin said...

yesterday, just getting up and walking to the fridge to get a drink made me break out into a sweat. so i have to say your snow pictures just seem surreal - it's so hard to imagine how cold that would be. personally i think we would go nuts being snowed in - but in some ways, it seems kinda nice too.
hope the weather eases up though :)

marciglenn said...

Thank you for visiting my blog, Mary. I love your ROD journal pages - isn't that the BEST class ever? I am shocked at the amount of snow you have. Here in the nortwest it feels like spring, very unusual for this time of year. Have an artful day.

dejavucreations said...

I too am ready for the snow to go away ... although here in Ohio, we haven't had as much as you. Great ROD pages ... very vibrant and happy. A wonderful distraction from the awful weather outside. /jan