Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Kindle Catastrophe...Almost.

Hmmm, this is not a good thing. Had a bit of a Kindle catastrophe last week.
My kindle suddenly stopped holding a charge. Normally I could go at least a week with one charge, but suddenly I wasn't able to go 2 days. I thought Oh no! This is going to be ugly. I had images of them saying 'we'll try to fix it' and it dragging on for months. But....
I spoke to them on the phone:
Me: .... and it won't even hold a charge for two days.
Guy: Is ... still your address?
Me: yes.
Guy: okay, your new kindle will arrive UPS tomorrow morning. Just send your old one back to us it the same box. I've emailed you a return shipping label. Just drop the box at any UPS location.
Me: aaahhhh, really? That's it?
Guy: yep. Sorry you had problems with your kindle.
Seriously folks...I LOVE AMAZON.COM!!!!! UPS...not so much. I just happened to be sitting in my living room chair next to my front window when the UPS man came with my new Kindle. Did he knock on the door? no. Did he gently set my package on the porch? oh, hell no. The box came FLYING through the air with the greatest of ease and slammed onto my porch! My cement porch!!! I HATE UPS!!!!! A few years ago I had the same thing happen with a box full of sheets of glass for fusing in the kiln to make jewelry. The delivery guy threw them onto the porch too and I just happened to be in the living room and heard the bang as it landed. That box had 10 sheets of broken glass in it. The box had tape all over it with big red letters : FRAGILE! GLASS! HANDLE WITH CARE! So I called UPS. They said they couldn't guarantee the contents of a package. I explained that the box had the tape and what it said and that I witnessed the throw...she said they can't be held responsible for contents of a package. HATE THEM!
Anyway, the new Kindle is working just fine. Happy Happy Happy me.

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