Friday, February 5, 2010

Bring It On!

Yesterday Kellie and I went to the library...along with every other family in the state of Maryland. The parking lot...don't even get me started. CRAZINESS! was the word of the day yesterday. Luckily, Kellie and I got in and got out quickly thanks to self checkout. While we were there I was looking at some books and Kellie was going back and fourth between complaining about how she was about to keel over from hunger (it was 5:07 PM and she hadn't had a snack since 4:05 PM) and reading book titles. Then she said "Hey Mom! Here's a book for you and Dad!" Parenting For Dummies. LOL! She cracks me up!

The kids will be home any second because they closed schools 2 hours early today. No snow yet where I am, but it is snowing now in Baltimore City. Should be here soon. We have all the food necessities... well, we may not have chicken but by golly we have m&m's, pretzels, popcorn, hot chocolate and oreos. We.Will.Not.Starve! I have my knitting here and plan to work on that quick weekend project sweater for Molly - you know the one she wanted to wear Thanksgiving day...yeah, I thought I'd work on that while it snows.

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Levin said...

hey goodluck! hope you all survive the storm and that you have enough food to get you through the next ...... what? few days?
we have the opposite here - the predict 46C and the food shops are eerily quiet. i think there's standing room only at the beach though....stay warm and don't kill each other when cabin fever sets in