Thursday, February 25, 2010

Is It Just Me?...

I forgot to tell you this in my last post...I was in the grocery store yesterday. It was pretty empty because it was 10 AM. There were several checkout lanes open and empty. I chose one. And started unloading my cart. I unload my cart from the front (cart end). This woman walks up behind me with her cart. I'm busy unloading and she says...

Lady: I'm not pushing you.
Me: aaaah, okay. (having no idea what she is talking about since she was right ... she wasn't pushing me.)

Then the woman...starts unloading my cart for me....grabbing my french bread and my bananas.

Me: aaaaah, I'll handle unloading my own cart if you don't mind.
Lady: glaring at me. FINE!

I finish unloading - didn't really have much to unload - only about 15 things so not really sure why she felt the need to help. When I finished I walked around to the push end of the cart and pushed my cart forward to pay. and she says "Well! Excuuuuuse me!"

Okay. Seriously. What the hell was that? First ... who touches another persons groceries???! I can see if I were an old person and she thought to assist with my bags or something but really... What if I was OCD?! LOL That could have made me abandon the entire cart! LOL (it damn near did. I know it made my eye twitch! LOL) I do have a method to how I unload so that it's bagged the way I want (hmmm, I may be more OCD than I thought LOL) and then her reaction to me pushing my cart forward. I'm sorry... but what the hell was that? So then the rest of the day I kept thinking about her and thinking was she insane? was she just a complete freak? was she just trying to help and I was not being nice? was I being ridiculous? I would never touch another persons groceries...ever. It's like a line that just shouldn't be crossed. Am I right? or am I the nut job? I'm still trying to work it all out in my mind and it's 10 AM 24 hours later...perhaps it's time to move on. :O)

Working On A New Project...

They have changed our snow forecast so we shouldn't get more than 4-6 inches at the most. I'm very happy about that. I'm working on a game for Kellie today.
I'm going to put some on etsy too. I'm hoping to finish them by next week...we'll see.

And remember the double sided fleece blankets I made for all the kids two years ago for Christmas? Ryan decided to share his with Howard. mmmm, lovely. And this morning Kellie thought Howard looked cold. mmmmm, that just makes me oh so happy to see THE DOG using the blanket I made for my dear child.
useless, useless horse dog.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

ROD Journal Pages

Thank you for the really nice comments you left about my ROD journal cover. I really appreciate all of the kind words. I didn't think anyone would want to watch a 20 minute video of me turning pages in the journal so I'm posting a few pages to give you an idea of what my signatures look like. They are all different sizes and I like that. I don't save much in the way of paper. I cut up my magazines and everything else and paste what I like in my inspiration/idea/sketch journals so for this project I went to my scrapbook paper. With two daughters who love paper like I love fabric we have accumulated a lot of pretty paper. I also put a ton A TON of envelopes and pockets in this journal so that I would have plenty of places to put the little bits from life that I save. Most of them were made with cut up sheet protectors. I hope you like this sample of my pages...
Those lilacs are from the bush in my backyard.

I did tear out a few pages from one of my vintage Winnie The Pooh books for this journal - which caused me a great deal of anxiety. I have a real problem destroying books. I love books so so much - especially old ones.

forgot about this little pocket below and stitched right over the left side. dang. now it's just a little bitty pocket.

I really love edging some of the paper with decorative punches.

eek, another vintage page Riiiiipppppped out. hhhhh. but I do love them in this journal so that makes it okay I guess.

I put a lot of velum in this journal too. A few pages I left 8 1/2 x 11, but mostly I made little places to journal with them and pockets.

I left some of these envelope flaps on because I though it would give me another place to journal.

Well, that's it - the end. I hope you enjoyed that-aren't you glad I didn't show you all 288 pages?! Have a great day! oh, and did you hear...we are expecting another big snow storm this week....just shoot me now. :O)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Finished The ROD Journal

Over the weekend I finally FINALLY finished assembling my Remains Of The Day journal. I still have to finish the closure but here it is...It's rather...HUGE! LOLIt weighs 3 pounds!!! I knew it would be big, but I wanted a journal for the 2010 year so I made 6 signatures (instead of the 2 described in the class). 12 months - 6 signatures so that each signature held two months of journaling. There are 12 papers per signature (48 pages per signature, 288 pages total in the journal). Here is a look at the outside...
I'm going to put a poem here and some other things to finish this section of the cover...
This is the inside cover. I'm going to put something here too.
and this is the spine...and that brings me to my issues. I am not happy with how big the holes are. They worked fine for stitching in the signatures, but they are larger than I would have wanted. I have the Martha Stewart screw punch (the white one below).It works great for scrapbooking, punching through card stock and one or two layers of things, and it comes with three punches of various sizes, but for this project...useless. The punch just isn't long enough to go through several layers. I purchased a Japanese screw punch from DickBlick because I had a feeling that Martha's wouldn't work. This brings me to my second issue. The Japanese screw punch is expensive. It comes with many sizes of punches, but I've seen it on line for $60-$82! I didn't want to spend that. I also didn't think I needed all of those sizes in punches. DickBlick sold one with only one tip under bookbinding. So I thought that would work just fine. Well, it did work just fine, but the hole is larger than I would like. So I will have to buy a smaller punch which is going to cost about $8 more. Not happy about that. Anyway it's finally finished (well, except for the closure) and I love it. LOVE it! it's a tad large and heavy but that's okay.
That's it for me today. I'm off to Target and the grocery store before the rain starts. Happy Monday friends!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Work In Progress

I'm still working on this ATC, but since I haven't posted anything stitchy in awhile I thought I would show this to you.Last night I did the turkey stitch flowers. I'm not sure I like them. I'm going to do more stitching on the two pink flowers and add the beads to this today.

I also received my box of art stuff yesterday from DickBlick. I placed the order on February 5 but because of all of the snow it was stuck in Virginia. Anyway, part of the order was my Japanese whole punch and some bookbinding needles. So I will finally be able to sew my ROD journal together. I can't wait to use the Japanese punch. I've made journals before with an awl and it's a real pain in the butt. This Japanese punch should be super easy.

Monday, February 15, 2010

It's Not Even Funny Anymore!

It's so bad that I don't even have a photo for this post. As you know, my kids have been home - with me stuck in this house - since Friday, February 5. I woke up this morning and thought ... YES! Tomorrow is Ttttttttuesday!!!! Everyone will go back to work and school. Happy do da day!

Guess's snowing. My phone just rang and it was the school board...schools will be closed on Tuesday, February 16 due to snow. Are you kiiiiddddinggg meeee?!LOL Goodbye quiet morning enjoying my coffee in peace. Goodbye mental health day. Hello again complaining children,dirty dishes, and continuous eating. All the noise, noise, noise in this house with us all bored, cranky, and sick of snow and all of this continuous, confined, togetherness. I'm going to go have a glass of wine and stick my head in the oven now. And my poor kids - they'll be going to school until July at this rate. They were scheduled to be out on June 9Th but with all these snow days I don't know what they are going to do.

Anyway, I plan to post tomorrow...or was that go postal tomorrow I can't remember now. Till then...toodles.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

You Don't Want To Go Out In This...

This is what a blizzard (the second blizzard in four days) looks like on the outside by the end of the afternoon today you couldn't even see that fence across the street - it was completely covered in snow (that's a four foot fence)

This is out back-our deck is off of the second story of our house. That's pretty deep snow right there folks!
We had winds well over 35 miles per hour. You couldn't go out in it. There were periods of total white out. I was so worried that we would lose power. At one point this afternoon 8,600 people in our area out of 100,350 did lose power, but fortunately we were not one of them. I did see later that 15,337 had power restored (looks like that 8,600 had gone up substantially during the day) and that only 79 people were still without power - we were really lucky.

And this is what a blizzard looks like on the inside. I don't think we will ever wear anything but lounge pants and sweat pants again. Kellie has to be forced to change out of her pj's!
Howard is completely loving all the lounging. While Jason lounged in the recliner, Howard hung out with Molly on the floor.
And then later he snuggled with me for a little TV time - he was gazing at me like I am the love of his life! LOL till Molly distracted him with the flash!
We are all going completely batty now. Doughnuts are gone. We have been snacking pretty much continuously. I am not going to even go near the scale after this week - I don't even want to know!

In between all of the snacking Molly and Kellie have been doing a little papier mache. Molly made an inchworm and Kellie is making a frog.

I hope you are having a more productive week.