Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I had to drive home from the salon like this...I've decided to let my hair grow and to get rid of the bangs I've been sporting for way to long. Somehow during that conversation with hair stylist Kristen, I somehow inadvertently asked for the sheepdog hairdo. Why did she dry my hair like this? What is with this flat stuck to my head in my face thing? I have naturally wavy hair - what does she have against my wavy hair?!:O)
Mark said I closely resemble this guy...I'm going to go take a shower and redo my do 'cause this flat shaggy in my face thing is scaring me.

I was having my car worked on this morning and the sign hanging in the waiting room said "unattended children will be given espresso and a free puppy." I thought that was a funny way of asking us to please keep our children under control. Fortunately, my children were all at home wreaking havoc and not with me. It was a nice 3 hours of quiet reading-something that has been missing from my life the past 4 days. I've been having a go around with dearest love Ryan. He has an aversion to safety. He was with his two friends. They all had their skateboards. Ryan is the only one who owns a skateboard helmet (don't get me started on the friends - lets just say Ryan is a magnet for the dregs of society and leave it at that okay?) anyway, I pull over...Ryan, put the helmet on your head and keep it there!" He puts on the helmet and I drive away to pick up Molly and Jason from work. 5 minutes later we are driving back into the neighborhood...Jason look down the street as we pass and see if Ryan has his helmet on...Nope. I turn the car around...RYAN! I told you to put that helmet on your head! If you cannot follow the rules you can come home - I will be more than happy to take back the new skateboard and sell it on eBay! Much drama but he put the helmet on his head. As I'm driving back down the road Jason says "ooooo, he just pulled off his helmet and threw it on the ground." So Ryan's been punished since Saturday and is determined to make me insane. Why must he always become the best of friends with every hillbilly idiot he meets?! Why are there still people in this world who don't make their kids wear helmets while skateboarding?! Why did I come out from under the bed?! Why is Kristen in love with the flat iron?! These are the questions on my mind today. The kids have been off from school the past three days so I don't have much to show you in the sewing/beading department, but tomorrow when I'm alone and have more than 5 minutes on the computer I will show you what I've started. Till then, have a lovely evening and be careful around flat iron crazy hair stylists and keep your kids away from inbred hillbilly boys!


Clevelandgirlie said...

FLAT - I so agree. Why on Earth do all stylists seem to embrace the "flat" look? What ever happened to BIG HAIR? I, myself, am proud to sport a mane of BIG HAIR. I have always had BIG HAIR and I always will have BIG HAIR. Don't come near me with that "flat" iron. "Flat" is a four letter word.
Now, having said that - I must say you look wonderfully sophisticated with your flattened do. I love the color and even love the "flatness!" THAT is the first time I have ever seen your face. How pretty you are sweet Mary. XO

Clevelandgirlie said...

PS - How is my gentle giant? Is he doing well on his medication?

Kris said...

That whole straight haired thing is fashionable! I have naturally wavy hair too and my kids are always offering to straighten it for me. Not gonna happen! I also have thick hair, so I'm sure they'd get sick of it halfway through and then I'd look really funny.

The whole helmet thing is weird. Here it is illegal to ride a push bike without one, but there's no law to wear one when skateboarding. Crazy if you ask me! Hey, are you sure about the skateboarding thing Mary? That's when we had our first broken bone in the family - when kid no. 6 stepped onto a skateboard!

Jane said...

oh how I wish I had big hair!
Don't be too hard on yourself, I have naturally flat hair and embrace the fact that at long last we are in fashion :)

Deborah said...

I think you look great!

Jackie said...

Oh I'm a big believer in putting the starighteners on mine sometimes. I have a wavy fringe and it drives me mad. I think they are a great invention. Sorry!