Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Disk That Just Won't Go Away...

So, you know that Mark had back surgery in the Fall of 2007. And he had back surgery in the Fall of 2008. Well, he is going to see the surgeon tomorrow for perhaps more back surgery. The first two were the exact same surgery on the exact same disk. If he needs surgery again they will have to fuse it. He will be home with me for 6 months. Do you remember last Fall...the six weeks of recovery? I think I should get a 6 month job some place - without phones! LOL Just kidding. Honestly though, I don't think he needs surgery. He isn't in pain like the last two times. He just doesn't feel good. He's legs go numb, things lock up and are uncomfortable, he can't be in a car for more than an hour, he can't go to the movies and sit for a long time. Things like that. Not really pain, just not the way they should be. So, he is going to see the surgeon tomorrow. Surgery scares me - things can go wrong. He hasn't even tried physical therapy - but you know how men are - they want the quick fix.

We were watching the movie about Johnny Cash, Walk The Line, the other night. In the movie Johnny is walking with June and he has a little limp, miss step thing and June says "You got a hitch in your gittyup?" I thought that was the funniest thing ever so I've been saying it to Mark...a lot...I want to go with him to the doctor just so I can say "Doc, he's got a hitch in his gittyup!" LOL Mark said no. Darn it. I think it's funny. Mark doesn't.:O)


Kris said...

Yuk! Numb legs. That's awful.

Levin said...

i think it's funny too - but somehow men don't seem to have the same sense of humour ;-)
wow - third lot of surgery. if it were me, i would be doing everything within my power to stay out of the operating theatre. Tell him to come to Adelaide - we have great physical therapists (called physiotherapists here). I know, I'm married to one ;-)