Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Look What I Found...

I was looking through a box that had some old UFO quilts and I found two Ziploc bags of fabric. The first one was full of these 3 inch squares in yellows, greens, and pinks. I have absolutely no idea what it was going to be. It's a lot of fabric though! Each stack (four total) is 2 inches high of fabric squares

and then there are these half square triangles. I was sewing pinks to yellows. What was the pattern??? I wish I knew.

I'm going to lay all the squares out on my living room floor and see if I can come up with a quilt - especially since all the cutting has been done and it's just a matter of sewing it all together.

In the second bag I found this quilt, also all cut out. It's at least 10 years old because I was using the freezer paper method of applique.

This is the only block that was sewn. I still like it. I have a big piece of yellow with it that I remember was going to be the sashing and borders.

I think I will start with the squares first and see if I can come up with a quilt.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Had I known...

So I tell Mark as he's leaving the house for work...

I have a hair appointment this morning so I'll be gone a few hours. Oh, and I wont be able to go to the pool tonight because of getting the color this morning.

Mark: That's ridiculous! Why do you have to get your hair done - postpone it.

Me: WHY? Look at my hair?! The sun at the beach was not my friend!

Mark: Well, I don't understand why you have to spend $300 a month on your hair.

Me: Three.Hundred.Dollars?!! ARE YOU INSANE?! Wait a second - do I have $300 a month to spend - 'cause I'm going shopping now - see ya! LOL

Shoot! Had I known that he thought I was spending $300 a month - I could have been doing some serious shopping! Think of the beads! the wool! the fabric! I could have purchased that $200 sewing machine foot that I want! hhhhh, had I only known. :O)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Vacation: 8 Days or 8 Minutes?

We left a day early and stayed an extra day - 8 days of vacation, but now that I'm back home it feels like we were only gone for 8 minutes!
It always goes so fast. I think it was the best vacation we have had in a long time! Howard enjoyed all of the together time. Napping under the trees with his peeps in the afternoon.
it made him smile to be with all of us...
There was a lot of time spent on this swing that we love. There is always a breeze under the trees...
Howard kept getting stuck on his leash -- and he was too stupid to figure out how to fix the problem...
He was like...stuck? stuuuuck? STUUUUCK!!!! Poor idiot dog. He is not the sharpest tool in the shed.

Molly and I decided to lay down the law this year - we took two cars to the beach every day so that the whiners could leave early and we could stay all day. That was definitely the right choice. We had to pay for parking two cars, but it was well worth it. We also went back to the beach at night and had so much fun! Of course Molly keeps me laughing constantly. It helps that I still have a high school sense of humor. :O) Drives Mark crazy sometimes, but the laughing...oh the laughing.
We did some kite flying...
And Molly never misses an opportunity to torment her brothers...
and then it was Molly's turn to fly the kite...which she did as only she can...
There was some playing with the football...
as the sun started to set...I love the beach after 5 PM!
We also played with the giant Frisbee. I think this is what we all loved the most. It was so much fun. Especially when I told Molly it was coming her way and then showing all of my skill and technique - I got ready to throw it to her and when I let it go it went in the opposite direction! LOL ahhh, such skill.
This was an action packed vacation - We wore poor Howard out!
I did get some applique finished while I was away.
Happy Monday!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Quick Hello - We're Off To The Beach

We decided to leave a day early so we are off to the beach until next Friday. Have a great week friends. See you on the 27th!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Started Knitting The Scarf

I was looking at the yarn again last night and I just don't think I have enough for both the scarf and the gloves or even mittens so I decided to just make the scarf. I worked a few inches...I like it so far. This is my favorite pattern for scarves - it looks great in any yarn.
It also knits up really really fast.
Molly let Howard finish her Popsicle last night. It made his tongue blue. And we couldn't get a good shot because his entire body was involved.
(can you tell from that photo just how his entire tongue was involved? LOL) Look at the eyes. He's like...yyyesss! I do like Popsicles!
Have a great day!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Knitting and The Proper Way To Eat M & M's and other stuff...

I have not touched knitting needles or the spinning wheel in over a year - not since the court reporting class killed my arms. Yesterday I spent the entire day on my butt in a lounge chair under a tree reading a book on my Kindle and drinking Mojitos. Great day yesterday, but now today - my house is a mess. While I was cleaning up my living room I came across this wool and thought - hmm, this would make a cute scarf and gloves or mittens to use while on the Harley this fall - my jacket is black and orange.

I spun this a few years ago and I can't find the tiny piece of paper that I wrote the yardage on so I have no idea how much yarn I have to work with, but I'm hoping it's enough. I'm going to make the gloves/mittens first and that way I can always make a shorter scarf, right?
and while I was cleaning up the living room I was eating candy - because I'm a sugar junkie - and yes, I know it's bad for me - and yes, I don't give a damn! :O) So I thought I would tell you the proper way to eat M & M's and my other favorites.
First you grab a handful of M & M's...
and you sort them buy color and quantity...
then you eat them from right to left and ugly colors first...
until you end with the best color left...
Yes, this is how I eat M & M's - always - and if you really want to be happy - you eat the M & M's frozen with pretzels and a coke. mmmm.
Then there are the gum drops (aka spice drops). These must be eaten in groups of 6, never 7 or 8 - groups of 6 - so that you have one of each color.
and then you must sort them so that you eat the yucky flavors first.
I know - you're thinking why not just eat the flavors you like - can't...must eat one of each color. I'm a little OCD when it comes to candy :O).
And when eating Rolos - hhhh, just try not to eat the entire bag while driving home from the grocery store! Trust me - you will not feel very happy when you are at the light and realize you've eaten them all - and then like an hour later - you never want to see a Rolo again as long as you live (or at least until the next time you go to the grocery store)
Happy candy eating! Now that you know the proper way you will see how much more enjoyable it is! :O)