Sunday, December 20, 2009

Just Some Random Photos For You

So last night I wanted to take a photo of the finished mug cozy so you could get the full effect. I think they are pretty darn cute...and while I was taking that photo I noticed this Santa in the background. I love this Santa. He was one of my dad's toys when he was a kid. It's from the 20's/30's so it's probably made of lead and toxic, but I love it.and then I decided to take a photo out my front door. Isn't this pretty?and then out the back door...Aaaah, that's a problem! We got a lot more than 18 inches! I hope the deck doesn't collapse! And Howard took one look at this and walked away - I guess he'll just hold it until spring. :O)
Jason was sent out last night to clear the front sidewalk with the snow blower. Molly decided to go with him. There was a knock at the door...
they are such goofs. And then Molly was looking out the back door. She happens to look up. Aaaaaah, Mom did. you. see. the. snow. on the roof? I look out...
You can't really tell from this photo just how scary far that is hanging over the back door. It's a good two or three feet! I'm not really sure how to handle that. What if all the snow from the roof comes down at once like an avalanche! YIKES. But it's also really cool isn't it? Like a pretty ribbon made of snow? Now I'm afraid to open the back door...AND DON"T TELL HOWARD! I have enough trouble getting that dog out the door as it is! LOL.


Gloria J W said...

Wow..where to start!! I'm just catching up Happy Birthday to your man/baby boy of 18!! They grow so enjoy every day!! Now that snow...WOW!! It is so hot here that snow would be liquid in no time!!! And the mug cosies and cowl..well, well done ma'am!! and Merry Christmas and rainbow smiles... Gloria

Deborah said...

The snow really makes it festive!

Levin (and Emily) said...

that is so amazing! i can't imagine that much snow.
i love the little santa toy - how nice that you have held onto it for all this time. i would suggest not licking it though - what with lead being toxic - lol.
stay warm (it's funny that i'm saying the opposite to everyone here) and enjoy your festiveness.